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Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind

Thinking about the past can be very helpful since it can help you to prevent a repeat of problems you once created or help you to solve other issues faster in the future. Thinking about the future can also be very helpful as it can help you to plan adequately for a problem you might encounter. Thinking about the past and the future can, however, be very bad when taken or done in excess. Doing either of the two in excess is called overthinking. Overthinking is thinking about something for too much for too long. It usually has to do with thoughts about things that have happened and what you could have done to prevent it or what will happen and how you will deal it or handle it; only you never actually do anything physically. If you are wondering if you overthink, some signs could help you decide. If...

Mental toughness

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind
Strong mentally tough man. Fighter with grit. Hard working.

Mental toughness is used to refer to a set of positive attributes that helps a person to cope with stressful or difficult situations. Most of the time, when mental toughness is spoken about, it is used to describe top athletes or some other very high performer, and a series of actions are prescribed to be carried out so you too can become mentally tough. Well, the truth is that most people are already mentally tough. At its core, mental toughness is all about having an effective method to deal with stress! Most of the high performers can deal with stress and still reach their goals. The average Joe on the street is also able to do this. What does the high performer have on Joe? Unlike Joe, the high performer is more likely to face stress in a positively conscious manner, while Joe is likely to face stress in an...

How to get out of a rut?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind

Automatic negative thoughts do come in our mind without any reason. Our experiences make us fall in the same pit repeatedly. There is no doubt that our mind continues to think frequently and the thoughts unconsciously make us uncomfortable from time to time in similar situations due to our experiences. What is a rut? This simply means being stuck in a situation.There is a feeling of fear and failure that hold us back from moving forward, facing situations and overcoming the issues.This is similar to your cycle being stuck in a muddy hole. How to find when you are in a state of a rut? Our mind may have several frequent thoughts about the delay in trying out new tasks, changing routine or going somewhere where you never visit before. Think about taking a new road or route while you drive a vehicle. What causes it? There are many reasons...

Self-Talk - How It Affects Your life - 3 Ways to Keep it Positive

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Mind

It is not weird for most of us to keep ongoing dialogues within our heads. These dialogues could be range from giving instructions to ourselves, observations about what has been going on around us, or it just could be what is usually referred to as self-talk. Self-talk is your inner voice, the internal narrative that happens inside your head, which you may have spent much time thinking about it. Interestingly enough, our self-talk can actually have a significant impact on the way we see ourselves and the world around us more than we realize. Let us find out how! The Importance of Positive Self-Talk Self-talk is your internal dialogue that affected by your subconscious mind. This internal dialogue interacts with your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, which can be both positive and negative. However, most of your self-talk relies on your character, sometimes it could be encouraging, and other times may...

Removing fears

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Mind
Removing fears. Scary demon outside in fog. Man facing his fears.

Let us be honest, our past is a part of who we are. It is a part of our present even, as it has made us who we are today. The fears we have from past relationships influence how we build relationships today. Past failures are like ghosts who haunt us and prevent us from living our lives. We have to be rid of these fears in order to start living. It is time for us to face our demons. If your fears from the past are a part of your present, do not let them be a part of your future as well. Your brain is sending you signals that you should be on the lookout because something terrible from the past is going to happen again. Just believing those thoughts makes your fears come to life and prevent you from enjoying the present. Instead of welcoming new experiences...

Overcome instant gratification

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Mind

The urge to eat a whole bar of chocolate in bed. Hitting the snooze button for that extra 5 minutes of sleep. Going out with friends instead of studying. Buying things that you cannot really afford now. The urge to spend all of your time with your partner instead of working on your career. Do you have an instant gratification monkey in your head? When a rational decision-maker holds the wheel, you plan to get some work done. Then instant gratification monkey takes over the wheel, and you end up watching YouTube videos until 4am. As you could read at the beginning, instant gratification can come in many forms. So what is wrong with getting some instant gratification? After all, don’t we live only once? Isn’t life meant to be fully enjoyed? You should enjoy your life, but you should not waste it. Just consider how long you are supposed...

How to journal

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Mind
Young woman sits on sofa writing out her daily journal. Taking time to reflect on her day.

We all must have tried keeping a daily journal or a diary in our lives sometimes or the other. Haven’t we? However, how many of us can’t maintain it properly? How many of us are indeed able to express our feelings and thoughts on paper or in a computer journal? Only a handful of us. This happens due to the lack of words and the ability to covert our thoughts into written matter. Let us look at some ideas that may help. Be clear about what you wish to write While putting your thoughts in words, it is essential to be clear in what you want to write. Be clear about your thoughts and feelings that you want to put in your journal. You must have clarity about what you think and what you want. This clarity leads to a more effective journal. You will be able to indulge yourself...

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