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The false self, ego

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Mind
False self the ego. Vanity. Young beutiful woman outside. Mirror reflection.

What is the ego? The ego is actually the mind identity that we create, an identity that is above all, false. You have to understand that you are more than your mind. All of us have certain beliefs when it comes to what are we. Those beliefs are about our abilities, our personality, and our talents. It’s what becomes the structure of your ego. Ego is not a static thing, but a dynamic and active part of your personality. It plays a significant role in creating the emotional drama in your life. By agreeing to the thoughts you have about yourself, you’re constructing a self-image. There are thoughts that especially contribute to the structure of your ego. Such thoughts sound something like, “I am smart.” “I am not good at sports.” “Nobody loves me.” “My scar makes me ugly.” Behind all these mentionings of “I” and “me” hides your ego...

Social conditioning - How to think for yourself

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Mind

All of us have thoughts, and throughout life, we have formed some opinions. You can’t help but wonder, how many of those beliefs are based on our understanding and how many are results from social conditioning? You might know a lot of things, but some of those things are from your personal experience, while others come from parrot-like learning. The problem is that critical thinking isn’t stimulated, and it’s that way even when we are going to school. Some people never wonder is what the media is telling them actually the truth. And what’s the result of this social conditioning? We have emotional insecurities, and corporations exploit them to sell us services and products. The media that I mentioned earlier uses propaganda tactics to unable us from thinking with our own minds. Are you ready to start thinking for yourself? Do you have the courage to escape the mentality of...


Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Mind

Is it possible to make your thoughts your reality? Could it be that we can bring things into our life by belief? Sounds fantastic, and it’s true. The world is actually a reflection of our actions, beliefs, and energy. Our dominant beliefs allow us to filter the world, and our mind is a mechanism that seeks goals. That is why, if you have a vision for what you want your life to be or you have faith that great things exist, your mind will bring the ideas and information that support you in that. What you think becomes your reality, so choose your thoughts wisely. If you choose to believe that dream jobs, fantastic opportunities, infinite abundance, and romantic partners exist, you’re inviting them into your life. Acting in accordance with the identity applies to all humans. When you’re trying to create your desires, you have to think, act, and...

Cherish every moment

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Mind

Moments pass, and they can feel like grains of sand slipping through your fingers. You can try to hold on to them, but you’ll eventually end up standing on the beach and looking at the sand without being able to see every single grain of sand that you held in your hands… What I’m trying to say is that time passes and moments get forgotten or stay in the past behind us. It seems like we learn the importance of cherishing every moment only when something bad happens. Does it really take a tragedy for us to realize that our lives are made of moments? Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones, cause they might not always be around. You’ll regret not spending more time with them once you’re unable to. The thing about happiness and sadness is that they both pass. A moment of joy goes by...

Be present - here and now

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Mind
Buddhist monk meditates outside practicing being present in the here and now

Moments pass and are soon forgotten, so what’s the point of them if you’re not going to live in the moment? What it means is being focused on the present and being there, completely in the moment. What’s happening now is all there really is. Forget about yesterday and tomorrow. Be present in the now. It requires awareness to master this. Your mind will not wander when you’re fully present and practicing awareness. It means being focused on what is happening right now and forgetting about the past and the future. Thinking about the past is memory, and thinking about the future is fantasy, so you cannot fully experience the moment except when you’re living it. Once you stop resisting and become present, you will feel a timeless level of love, contentment, and peace. By staying present in each and every moment, you will start living your life without waiting...

Mind your thoughts

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 23, 2020 Mind
Mind your thoughts. Young woman in window sits thinking about life.

Our world is the external projection of our thoughts; I am hungry becomes you eating. I am scared of you hiding under the bed; I will ace that interview becomes you preparing to ace that interview. Thoughts are the basic unit of anything we do; they come first before any action. If we understand our thoughts, we can ideally change our lives forever. What kinds of thought? On a typical day, several thoughts cross our minds. From thinking about feeding the cat to thinking about the work that awaits us in the office to how we will strangle our best friend for leaving us with that girl, she set us up with. Most of what we think about, however, does not register and stays in our minds for a very short time. If you were asked what you thought about at 2:17 pm five days ago, you are not likely...

Importance of having a Clear Conscience

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 22, 2020 Mind

The knowledge of doing good or bad is hinged on a system that is seated somewhere within us. When we do something not quite praiseworthy, we end up having questions in our heart- more like an inner critic (judge). This system in our souls was created by God to help check every act of ours. It raises alarms when we act unbecomingly. This internal system within us is the CONSCIENCE. What it actually means At birth, our conscience was clear, with no corruption or a sense of guilt. Along the line, we began to learn the right things and those that are wrong. A clear conscience means a conscience void of the guilt of a wrong done. This simple meaning can be extended to both God and man. With a clear conscience, we can stand before God and men with no accusation coming to obstruct our relationship with them. Conscience...

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