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Everything You Need To Know About Dopamine Detox

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 20, 2020 Mind

Do you often feel like your life is dictated by impulsive behavior? If yes, then rest assured, you’re not the only one. In fact, most impulsive behaviors (if not all) such as excessive use of smartphones, overeating, impulsive shopping, and many others can be linked to a neurochemical called dopamine. Luckily, there are several ways of controlling dopamine-linked impulsive behaviors and the most effective proves to be dopamine detox. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Dopamine and dopamine detox. What is dopamine? Dopamine is popularly known as a “feel-good” chemical, and its role is primarily linked with incentivizing us for progress and action. It is the reason we feel good after completing a task or crossing something off our to-do list as it is a biological reward for all of the hard work. The Dopamine Addiction Dopamine is a necessary chemical for decision-making and motivation....

Brain Fog

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 14, 2020 Mind

Suddenly, when your brain appears short-circuited, let’s assume you are in the middle of a job or conversation. Maybe you forgot a word, or you left completely. Instead of feeling sharp, you feel like you are walking through Jello. You lose concentration, and the world seems to move faster than you constantly have. You often feel the feeling of confusion, forgetfulness, and lack of focus. Although “brain fog” is not a medically known word, it is a common feeling that many people suffer from. But, while many people experience it, brain fog is by no means normal. In fact, it is preventable and 100% treatable. In this blog, you will learn the main causes of brain fog and what you can do to eliminate it. What is brain fog? When you feel foggy, inattentive, and erratic, your brain sends an important signals that you are unaware that there is an...

Avoiding Bias in Decision Making

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 13, 2020 Mind

Have you ever thought about the fact that you decide at every moment of your life? The outlook of your life is nothing but a merge of small and big decisions made by you or by others for you. Everything you do is based on an internal decision-making process that compels you to choose one over the other. From a small decision like picking up a meal for your lunch to every large decision like confirming a business deal worth millions, your now and then depends on your preferences while making a decision. But it is not necessary that everything goes according to the plan and what you have decided is not the ultimate way out of the scenario. Throughout your journey you come across many unfortunate situations, you may need to pick either this or that, you may be under pressure for doing what’s not the right thing to...

How to Maintain Long-term Focus

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 12, 2020 Mind

Humans are bound to be distracted in our daily lives and forget about our future goals, targets, and plans; in Today’s world, where lots of social media apps and television shows are there to distract us. We often forget that our procrastination is making us unproductive; we keep on delaying our pending work and complete it at the last hours. We also lose motivation and hope because of our distracted minds. So, the main focus is, “What should we do when we are postponing all our work for our future activities?” The answer is, to be a pro at remaining focused and goal-oriented, we need to follow this step by step guidelines; Leave your comfort zone As easy as it might sound to you, it is not. To be a focused person, the first step is to get out of the comfort zone. All of us are so used to...

Analysis Paralysis- Reasons Why Making Decisions Can Be Hard, and How Indecisiveness Can Impact You

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 11, 2020 Mind

In an age where almost everybody has unlimited access to the infinite well of quality information known as the internet, making decisions should be relatively easier than before. But it is not. It’s even much harder, if anything, nowadays. Just think about it. A swift Google search will net you hundreds or even thousands of results of any imaginable subject. It’s like opening a can of worms. You end spending a lot of time down an internet rabbit hole but leave the sites feeling more disoriented than ever. Rather than enabling you to make better decisions, limitless access to information frequently results in substantial fear of making the wrong choices. So, you end up trapped in an apparently inescapable Instead of allowing us to make better decisions, our virtually unlimited access to information often results in greater fear of making the wrong choice. So, we end up trapped in a...

Why You Are Bored

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 10, 2020 Mind
Why you are bored. A young girl sits at a table bored to tears. Studio portrait.

Are you bored? Have you been sitting at a corner all day, staring at the ceiling, wishing there is more colors and vibes you could add to your life having explored all available options and adventure? Alternatively, you are trapped or withdrawn; wondering if that is also one of the inevitable conditions in life, which just happen to be happening to you now? Whatever your situation is, one thing is clear and certain; it is the fact that you are bored! Isn’t it surprising that some people still get bored despite the cheese and geese the world has to offer; the music, arts, fashion and never-ending entertainment? Isn’t it incredible that the presence of the social media and the blessing of friends and loved ones do not suffice in preventing one from falling into a state of boredom? The reality remains unaltered as people still find themselves at that spot,...


Darryl Bachmeier Jun 10, 2020 Mind
Buddhist monk meditates outside practicing non-attachment

A mystery Wonder why monks or nuns are disinterested in what’s happening in the real world – the entertainments and razzmatazz? Why they linger in solitude and enjoy the peace it offers? Why they are content with having no material possessions such as houses or cars? Or why they don’t delight in attaining positions and yet, are satisfied? The answer isn’t unlikely; it’s simply because they are given to a life of non-attachment. It’s funny how life is riddled in mysteries. These ones (monks and nuns) want nothing but end up with everything – bliss; while those who want everything ends up with nothing. The so called “normal people” struggle to attain self-actualisation without success. The more they try to attain the highest level of bliss, the more it seems they become overwhelmed and withdrawn from it. Anxiety then sets in resulting in frustration, anger, sadness, depression and even, death...

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