Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 9, 2020

Is it possible to make your thoughts your reality? Could it be that we can bring things into our life by belief? Sounds fantastic, and it’s true. The world is actually a reflection of our actions, beliefs, and energy. Our dominant beliefs allow us to filter the world, and our mind is a mechanism that seeks goals. That is why, if you have a vision for what you want your life to be or you have faith that great things exist, your mind will bring the ideas and information that support you in that.

What you think becomes your reality, so choose your thoughts wisely. If you choose to believe that dream jobs, fantastic opportunities, infinite abundance, and romantic partners exist, you’re inviting them into your life. Acting in accordance with the identity applies to all humans. When you’re trying to create your desires, you have to think, act, and feel like the type of person that already has all the things you desire. What you believe about yourself and your life becomes true for you.

The tools you use to manifest experiences in your reality are your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. We make choices as we want at every moment. The thing about those choices is that they are based on the possibilities that we get, based on what we attract using our tools. So, what has an effect on what we are attracting to us at the moment? What we’re feeling, thinking, and how we react to the mentioned feelings and thoughts as well as what we communicate using body language or words.

There are methods that you can use to help you master manifestation. It all comes down to self-esteem, attitude, and understanding ourselves better on a deeper level. You need to be able to look yourself in the eyes with the courage to face your fears. Release the limitation that you have created for yourself and utilize your intuition. Do it to get a better understanding of why you feel, think, and react to those feelings and thoughts the way you do. You can start realizing your dreams right now and be sure that manifestation affects your daily experiences, physical health, finances, relationships, and so on. Let’s answer a few questions you have right now.

  1. How to start manifesting?

The first thing you need to do is to figure out what you want. Are you dreaming of a new partner to have a romantic relationship with? Maybe you’re hoping for a better job? Whatever it is, you need to know it. You need to own it as well. Try to be concise and clear as you can be.

The next step is asking the universe for it. You can do this by writing a letter to the universe, or by talking out loud about your intentions. Of course, you can always use a vision board, or a little thing called a future box. What it is is a container that you’re going to fill with pictures of what you’re trying to manifest.

Of course, pinpointing what you want is crucial, but you can’t really achieve anything without action. It’s time for you to become the person you want to be. Ask yourself, what would the future version of your think? I’m talking about the one that already has everything you want. Try to think like that person.

You’re not going to get everything you want in a time frame or order you want. Acknowledge what you have received and be thankful for it. Get rid of all the negative self-talk and fears you might have. If you keep telling yourself that you don’t deserve something, try thinking of every reason why you do deserve it. All these steps are important, but not as much as your belief. You need to trust your visions and actions. The most crucial step that you need to do is to have faith.

  1. Can you manifest love?

Once you learn to manifest things, there will no limit to what you can manifest. That means that you can, of course, manifest love into your life. It’s important that you manifest only the individuals who’ll help you on your way to fulfilling your goals. You want to attract only the people that are attracted, not to the person you were, but to the person you’re becoming.

  1. How to manifest money?

Financial manifestation is actually rooted in working and gratitude. Be grateful for the money that you have and focus on that, not on the money that you don’t have. Another trick is to use visual tools that will keep you be focused and driven. For example, you could buy a bigger purse or visualize yourself swimming in a pool of money. Try making a money tree and use monopoly money until you can use real. Maybe the best trick is to write yourself a big check that you know you’ll cash one day.

  1. What’s the key thing to remember?

Always try to be clear about what you want because the universe doesn’t like mixed signals. Take action. You need to work toward your goal in order to achieve it. Everything that you can visualize with your mind, you can have in your life. So, realize what it is, ask for it and work toward it with the faith that you’ll get it.

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