Managing a team with performance metrics

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 14, 2019

Managing team performance is essential to ensuring a high performing team. There are several things that a team leader must do to manage performance. A team leader must be knowledgeable about the business, industry and know the strengths and weaknesses of all team members.

A team leader must make sure that their team has the right people. It starts with selecting the best talent possible. After selection of talent, it continues by monitoring the performance of individual team members, they will know who the stars are and who the bad apples are. Performance reviews with each team member must be scheduled on a regular basis. A review should allow the team member to discuss their tasks and allow the team leader to offer support or change of the workers tasks. It must be done in a way that shows the team leader is open, honest and fair. It should look at ways for the employee to improve. It should also be a two-way conversation.

A team leader must be ready to deal with poor performers. They will need to either change up their work, transfer them to another team or let them go. Poor performers can pull the performance of the entire team down.

A team leader must support and encourage team members. The team leader does not do any of the tasks for the project but instead organizes the work, tracks the team’s progress and is there to help the team members so they can get their work done.

The team leader sets the expectations for the team. Expectations must be clear to all team members. The expectations must be fair, reasonable but sets the targets to continue for the team to grow.

To track the progress of the team a leader must use well-defined metrics that are key to the success of the project. The metrics must have purpose, and are consistent and accurate in measurement. All team members must be aware of the metrics. This allows the team to set targets. Performance must also be tracked over time to show the trend. Trends help to indicate if changes made are improving or hurting performance.

It is important that that all team members feel that they are on the same journey together. The team leader must make sure that all team members are included and no one person is singled out as the “hero”. Team rewards and social events are a good way to bring the team together.

Team performance is the key to success and a great team leader must be sure to select the right people and ensure they have what they need to perform at their best. Carefully chosen metrics that are tracked over time will help the team leader to monitor the performance of the team. By following these steps, the team leader will be able to carefully manage team performance.

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