Manage your projects with the Kanban method

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 23, 2019

When it comes to project management , you can do it in the way that is most comfortable for you. However, today we are going to talk about Kanban, a method that will help you simplify and improve processes.

The Kanban method is a way of working to manage projects, which is characterized by being simple to use, and updatable. It also serves to lead the development of work, in an effective and productive way.

One of the challenges we face the most during the development of a project is the coordination of the teams and try to complete all the proposed tasks. However, most times we have problems with its management. This is where the Kanban method has its use. It does not focus so much on the speed at which tasks are performed, but rather the quality of these is more important.

Kanban comes from Japanese, which means “visual board,” and this methodology improves the workflow at a good pace, taking into account the time and the number of products needed in each stage. It appeared in Japan for the first time, invented by the Toyota company, with the philosophy of producing “What is needed, when it is needed, and how much is needed.”

Knowing Kanban

The process is quite simple. It consists of several columns placed on a task board, in which, each particular state of the project is placed in a column. That is, there must be the same number of tasks, as columns. This helps us to know at what stage our project is.

It is measured from the beginning to the end., Including all project states, including scheduling, task selection, execution, etc.

Normally Post-its are used in which the description of the task and the estimation of the task are written, and added to the board.

This task will progress through all the phases of the board, until the end. The objective of doing so is its visualization, that is, it is easier to see the progress of the project, and to clarify as much as possible the work, the tasks assigned to each team, the priorities that are held, and the assigned goal — serving in addition to a place where all tasks are centralized.

At the end of each week, the completed column is cleared, where all the tasks that have been completed are found, in order to add the new tasks. It is important to keep the board updated, and to put a person in charge of working as a moderator, One of the ideas of the Kanban method is “to finish to begin, and to begin to finish”, with this it refers to that the work has to be limited, and it is necessary to avoid adding more tasks and to focus on those that already exist, in this way the attention of the workers is focused on certain activities and the quality of the project increases. However, to get this methodology to work properly, you have to follow 4 rules:

Prioritize tasks: Employees can not work on several tasks at once, as this causes a loss of effectiveness and fluency. That is why it is important that you start with the highest priority task. Respect colleagues: This means that each employee is responsible for their tasks, and their responsibilities must be respected, without overloading them with jobs. This produces an environment of trust. Adapt: Employees must be willing to change their work habits, and adapt to the new work system. All the members of the project must work in the same way for the method to work. Leadership: It must be motivated to have leadership. In addition, each of the employees must be responsible for their tasks.

The Kanban method shows many benefits in terms of project management. You can see how it manages to improve productivity considerably, it allows us to see all the tasks that a person has in a project, besides allowing us to see the time invested in each project.

Now that you know the Kanban method, you can add it to your company to manage successful projects.

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