Looking Inward Versus Looking Outward 

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 10, 2020

What’s the beauty of life, if not happiness, mirth and comfort? This is the big question most of us struggle to answer every moment of every day of our lives. Admittedly, in pursuit of happiness, we run from pillar to post driven by the wind and forces of the world we live in.

How do I look? Am I not better more educated than John, why does he have a good job and mine is wacky? Of course I’m more beautiful than Jane, why can’t my relationship work out like hers?

These are questions that bother our minds and fill our thoughts. Unfortunately, we have come to that point where we anchor the foundation of our happiness on self-gratification and the achievements of those around us. We strive for people’s endorsement for our world to make sense and for the star in us to dazzle. We relentlessly look outwards to determine the quality of our existence, thus, doubting our essence and what we set out to achieve. This is unfair!

Now, you need to come to the understanding that life traps only those who get carried away by the desire to pursue happiness at all cost. They end up frustrated. You must realize that you’ve got all it takes to make a difference. You don’t need people’s opinions, achievements or endorsements to thrive. Understand that neither John’s nor Jane’s achievements has nothing to do with you. You have your own life and it is unique.

Looking outwards or inwards: what’s the difference?

Looking outwards entails relying on the forces of your external environment – that is, people and situation around you, to determine the quality of your life. You focus more on what others can do for you than what you can do for yourself. It’s like wanting to ride on the back of a lame horse. This is what most people do, they can never take decisions on their own; they are always comforted by others opinions.

Looking inward on the other hand is a life hack tool which helps you to solve problems by relying on what you can do. During times of crisis, it’s engaging your inner strength to salvage the situation and emerge victorious. It’s all about you and you alone. It’s introspecting.

Why You Should Always Look Inward and Not Outward

The benefits of introspection cannot be exhausted. It’s all encompassing. Let’s examine some reasons why you must make this your lifestyle.

It helps you to identify the hidden treasures in you

No person is born without something unique about him or her. Everyone has been designed and configured in a special way. We all have treasures – valuable deposits in us. You can’t search them out by listening to the distracting echoes of life. There’s a degree of resilience deposited in you to face every challenges, you just need to find it.

Rediscover what fuels your passion

When you introspect, you come to a point where you rediscover your purpose and what drives your passion even when you seem to have lost it to the push and pulls of this world

Builds your self esteem

Whereas looking outwards batters your self-esteem, looking inwards helps you to build your self-confidence. It helps you find your resilience.

Strengthens your zeal

You’d have observed that relying on other’s approval sometimes alters your goal. It leaves you with a dampened spirit. Looking inwardly lifts you above this as it fuels you to strive for perfection. You know what you want and how you can get it.

Enlarges your horizon

Reflecting helps you to see things that have been initially shrouded from your sight; probably, when you were uneasy. It broadens your mind to think without limits. It brings out the sage in you.

How to look inwardly

Nothing pays more than making introspection habitual. In the long run, you’re better off. The following are tips on how to develop the culture of introspection.

Give in to the silence within

When it quakes and everything breaks, there’s no need to be agitated. You only need to listen to what your inner voice is saying about the situation. You shouldn’t seek aimlessly for answers. Gather yourself together and reason your way through.

Realize that you are stronger than you look

Yes, there is an inner strength waiting to be mined in you. You just have to wake up the miner in you by self-introspecting. It’s something you have to be conscious about. For instance, when you wake up, you look in the mirror and say you are better off!

Train your mind

Instead of fretting, blaming or recriminating unnecessarily, you must train your mind to reflect. You must shield it from impulses emanating from your external environment.

Enlarge your horizon

Read self-development books. Consciously learn about introspection and put it into practice. Also, learn to meditate and enjoy your solitude.

Learn from life experiences

Understand that whatever is happening to you or has happened to you is a lesson. Reflect on every situation you find yourself. Observe what you did wrong and those things you did right. Only then would you be on the path to perfection.

The end goal of looking inwards is to change you into a better person. You must cultivate the habit.

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