Living a Healthy lifestyle

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

We are what we eat. This adage is the most accurate one when health is concerned. Our body reacts to the things that we consume daily. Hence, our health is entirely our responsibility.

What is addiction?

Extremity and addiction to anything is not good. The over intake of a food item or overindulgence in any activity can lead to many drastic effects in the life of an individual. When we talk about addiction, why do we only consider drugs and alcohol? The truth is anything when consumed in high amounts is harmful. Practicing moderation in everything is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Let us take an example

Sugar is probably that one thing which is loved and craved by the masses. Today nearly, every condiment, which is processed in a factory, has some amount of sugar in it. The recommended daily sugar intake for a person is two spoons, and that is it. However, we are consuming much more than this recommendation.

Health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, heart-problems, and most significantly, obesity are on the rise, and the main reason for all this is sugar addiction. Processed sugar has zero nutritional value to it, and we are just straight up consuming some poison.

Sugar addiction is more common than it actually appears, and the worst thing about this is that people do not even realize about this addiction and its consequences. Sugar addiction is a real danger. We need to talk more about it, and likewise, overconsumption of fats, carbohydrates, etc. is not healthy.

Is avoiding particular food completely healthy?

In this whole scenario, there is another thing that appears the opposite of addiction- deprivation. Complete abduction of a particular food type or group is also not something that promotes healthy living. Suppose one bans fats and carbs from their diet, they will suffer from several ill effects in the end. Therefore, moderation needs to be highly endorsed among the masses.

About the moderation

Now one may wonder as to how one can ensure that he / she is not addicted or deprived of a food group. What is moderation, and how can we practice it. The answer is to this can be summarized in the following points.

Sweet food items

Sugar is present in the form of starch in a variety of food groups. One does not require taking extra sugar into the body. Still, if the cravings occur, try to replace the chemically processed sugar to the healthier alternatives.

Honey, jiggery, Stevia, etc. are some forms of sweeteners that are not chemically processed as sugar and are much healthier in comparison. It will take some time to acquire the taste, but once the habit is established, you will experience amazing results.

Try quitting sugar for just a few days, and you will feel more energetic, efficient; your skin will improvise, and your weight will be in check. Complete deprivation of sugar is also not healthy, but one can get sugar from natural sources such as fruits. Therefore, cutting down the commercial sugar will only have positive impacts.

Say no to fad diets

The fad diets today require you to abstain from a particular food group completely. One diet will tell you to cut down fats, and another will talk about cutting down on carbohydrates. The reality is, our body needs everything but in moderation.

Instead of cutting down the food groups, one should cut down those things that have an excess of these: example- junk food. Burgers, pizzas, fries, etc. are loaded with unhealthy amounts of fats, sugars, and carbs. Consuming such junk daily will naturally make one unhealthy. These foods are not a way of life.

A boycott of these is recommended, and very rare indulgence is justifiable. A Natural and healthy homemade balanced diet that is sufficient in all the nutrients are highly recommended.

Do proper exercises

Our bodies for its proper functioning needs exercises along with a proper diet. Exercise does not only keep one healthy but also happy. Exercise releases oxytocin or the happy hormones in our body that keeps us motivated and proficient. A light workout daily can keep one fit and lead towards a more rewarding life.

Do not be lazy

Finally, it is all up to an individual. A healthy lifestyle requires effort. Life in moderation cannot be achieved with laziness because it requires some work and dedication to it. Cooking your meals and learning about the diet and necessary supplements for the body is a lifestyle that promotes a healthy mind, a fit body, and an overall happy environment. Talk to a dietician, and learn more about moderation. Be motivated and continuously strive towards a disciplined way of living life.

Final Thoughts

The recommended way of living has always been the same for ages, and that is Moderation. Even the ancient text of Ayurveda stresses this ideology, but in the fast-paced world today, people seem to have lost touch with their well-being. For some, it is a fad, and a greater section of the society is not even aware of the addiction and deprivation that is leading to many drastic effects.

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