LinkedIn as a job recruitment tool

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 14, 2019

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has progressively increased in its number of users until last month, according to the social media monitoring website Social Bakers, to 251 million profiles, of which it is estimated that 65% are permanently active.

This has made it the preferred social network for professionals to be in contact with colleagues, bosses, former bosses and mentors. However, its real potential, and often unused, is based on the possibility of recruiting the best available talent when looking to fill a vacancy in organizations.

The explosive emergence and accelerated growth of social networks completely changed the way we develop our personal relationships, of course the professional field also did not escape this situation and for this reason the departments of human talent of organizations must be updated and trained to use productively the possibilities of web 2.0 that among many other benefits allows the selection of qualified personnel.

The proper use of these tools is essential to avoid letting out the thousands of talents available on the network that another company could find first, thus losing the option to improve competitiveness, productivity and even innovation.

To carry out an effective labor recruitment process through LinkedIn, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

Create an employer brand

To start, you must create the company’s account on LinkedIn, keep it updated with all the data, description, products, services and vacancies of the organization is key to have an active and prominent profile, which will provide the necessary visibility so that the company becomes a recognized brand within the social network and thus attract the best talent.

Manage the profile of the company

The profile should also publish the news about the company that appears in the media and the post of a blog that is published if the company has its own. This will further strengthen the corporate image of the organization and demonstrate an interest in updating contacts on issues related to the field of action of the company.

Make your own employees visible

It is important to encourage employees to create their professional profiles on LinkedIn and associate them with the profile of the company so that applicants can know what human talent is already part of the organization, this will give greater visibility to both employees individually as to the brand of the company that will be strengthened and will have a group of human talent in permanent contact.

Search for talent

After having a complete and updated profile of the company, you can start with the search of the profiles to fill the vacancies. To carry out an effective search, a meticulous filter should be carried out on topics such as location, profession and in all the specific conditions of the profile we are looking for. It is important to explore and enter LinkedIn groups that deal with what we are looking for, and for example, if we need a sales executive we can enter groups on the topic and review who thinks and what topics are discussed, that can lead us to find the talent we are looking for.

Use the Premium tools

LinkedIn also offers premium accounts, which are paid and that allow you to have additional tools to refine searches and obtain much more specific results. With these accounts, you can send internal messages to contact any user, obtain unlimited results of searches, save and organize the profiles that interest us and also view detailed information to track how many and which users have entered to visit our corporate profile.

Take advantage of internal connections

Exploring the professional contacts of the organization’s employees in their LinkedIn profiles can lead us to find the talent we are looking for directly, sometimes we have at hand what we seem not to find anywhere.

Verify identities and contact

After finishing the search process, it is necessary to verify the identity of the person we have selected as a candidate to fill the vacancy. You should talk to professional references and previous employers to confirm that the performance, strengths and particular characteristics you have described in your profile are true, this part of the process is essential if we want to avoid wasting time with spam or with false or false profiles, liars. The last step is to contact the candidates to start the final selection process directly.

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