Lifelong Learning - Learning Beyond School

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 15, 2020

Schooling goes beyond attending high school, college, and university. Nothing is wrong with it, though, but when we continue living with those things we have learned from these formal education systems, it becomes a problem. Life itself is a school, and every stage has its lessons; it is a pity that some people had either stopped learning about life or have refused to heed to her lessons. Many people have different understandings of the term “lifelong learning,” but no matter how you view it, the point is that you are going to end up a better person. In this article, you are going to be talking from both sides of the term “lifelong lesson.”

The point remains that, no matter how committed we are in formal education, always remember that the school of life has the best lessons. But don’t get it wrong, formal education is as important as the goodness it brings. You will get to have a good job, earn more, and live happily ever after. We live in a world where everything changed and keeps changing, especially in the economic sector. If you are not well equipped with one or two relevant skills, you might end up a victim of one of those unstable economic circumstances.

You also note that schooling is just one part of Learning; there are other ways to learn, unlike what we have in the formal education system. Unlike the school of life, you hardly see a professor stand in front of you to tell you what to do and what not to do. Lifelong lessons don’t always come with a tutor, life might use one or two people to teach some lessons, but they never assume the form of a formal education system. There are many ways one can learn from nature itself; you can learn without even talking to anyone; go out there, look at everything natural, in one way or the other, you must find one or two things that make you wiser.

How Do We Achieve a Lifelong Learning Process?

Like we have earlier started, there is no particular way to learn from life. You can choose to learn anywhere, anyhow, or any place; all you need do is to start when you are ready. Below, we have listed some really interesting ways you can achieve this lifelong Learning. Read on.

Hanging Out with the Right People

Hanging out with the right people means you want to learn about a specific lesson, so the least you can do is to engage with the right people. This means that if you wish to learn about investment, don’t go sitting around editing for mother earth to provide you with such knowledge; hang out with people with such knowledge. And you also have to know that there is a reason why people come in and out of our lives – nothing is a coincidence.

Hang out in a nature-filled Environment

Everything in life has some level of knowledge inscribed in it. Once awhile, go out there (it may be a wildlife park, the natural government reserved recreation areas, waterfalls, seas, e.t.c.). Study it, feel every detail, and as much as you can. Let’s explain further, watching a sea tumble restlessly and resting afterward teach you that no matter how hard life seems to be, your hour of peace will come. And watching the mountains stand the way they do teaches you how to stand tall no matter the situation.

Accept anything life throws at you

Don’t get too wise for life (not if you can anyway). Make yourself teachable; if life throws you with bad friends, take it, and learn from its lessons; if it throws you with a crazy girlfriend, still take it and learn from its lessons. Just try and learn from anything that life throws at you.

Learn a skill

Learning a skill will take you places; it is okay if you are a university or college graduate; without a valid skill to support your formal education, you might end up being caught in the web of unemployment.

Go Outside your Comfort Zone

Move away from your comfort zone and learn about life. You can choose to go hiking, wander in the Amazon forest, tour the Okavango, do virtually everything and anything that you are not used to; only then will you be able to garner that fun part of a lifelong lesson.


Don’t take everything for what it is, do yourself a favor and research further for anything you think doesn’t add up. Use every material available to find answers, it could be a new kind of job, a economic trend, e.t.c and try and be open-minded in all your research.

Finally, you have to understand that life is a teacher; she gives knowledge to anyone who seeks her and is willing to provide you with unfathomable know beyond your widest grasp; all you need do is ask.

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