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The Dangers of Self-Development

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 19, 2020 Life

The average human yarns for perfection, to be free from the shackles of flaws that come in the form of addictions, negative thoughts, dream killers and other minor vices. We will do anything to achieve that Zen-like state where it looks like everything is in order and life simply becomes a sail on a smooth, peaceful ocean. If we don’t achieve such a state of mental utopia, we begin to see ourselves as failures, as people who definitely have faults and should do anything to get it right. This thought in itself is majorly a trap, because that state of ‘perfection’ doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. It is a destination that continues to remain a mirage even as we approach closer. The problem here is that many people have little or no idea that they are chasing shadows. They continue to live in dissatisfaction which causes them not to...

Taking Initiative

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 17, 2020 Life

Change is inevitable in all aspects of life. You can either wait for it to happen, or you can adapt it to your will. By taking initiative, you can take proactive steps to meet your goals. Take charge of what you want to accomplish and ensure your voice is heard. Embrace change but do it your way. You also need to learn how to take criticism. Call it constructive because your work will impact others. You need to learn how to make all parties content. This means you need to step outside your comfort zone. How will you be one step ahead otherwise? So what does taking initiative involve? It simply means to take control of the decision-making process. You have to go to great lengths to complete a task before you are compelled to. This requires intuition. You need the foresight to anticipate conflicting demands. Also, be open to...

Praising Your Child

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 13, 2020 Life

The word ‘praise’ also interchangeably used with the word ‘reward’ is a type of social engagement often practised to indicate encouragement, approval, and appreciation. It is demonstrated by verbal communication, for example through motivational phrases of speech, as well as by non-verbal communication such as a pat on the back, or a gold star for children. When it comes to children, the impacts of rewarding them for their actions can significantly enhance positive behaviours amongst them. Raising happy, confident, and emotionally stable individuals is something all parents should aim to achieve. To accomplish this, the physical development of a child should be stimulated alongside progress in their emotional wellbeing. Children urge the need to be loved and given attention to and are driven by rewards. Praise itself is a token of gratitude that children value and cherish; they realise the simple rule of life that righteousness is an acceptable social...

Learning From Mistakes

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 12, 2020 Life

Mistakes are an essential part of an individual’s life. We see ourselves in so many different and difficult situations in our lives, and we think to ourselves, what made us go through this phase. We tend to accuse ourselves of our failures and not learn from them. Existence in this world with mistakes is inevitable, so, instead of worrying and taking stress over our failures, we should rectify our mistakes into lessons for lifetime achievements. Too often, we see ourselves in a situation where we say something, but people take different meanings for that, we try so hard to get successful in a project or task, but we still end up getting last. We see people take our efforts and love for granted, also judge us for our choices and decisions. All these things make us anxious and challenge our mental health, so the question should be; what should we...

Encourage Courage Brave Children

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 11, 2020 Life

What comes to your mind when you hear about children who are brave and courageous? You must think that they come from a strong family background, but they are not only coming from a healthy family. Also, they are taught to be brave and resilient. From the day they are born, they are trained to be sleep alone in their rooms. This thing, which sounds so essential, is the crucial step towards teaching your child to be independent. You must have seen some kids, who stand against being treated wrong, say no when they are not feeling like doing something a person asks them to do, they are not afraid of roller-coasters or roaming around alone in a place their parents left them to be. All this is because they are taught to be bold from a very young age. We see so many children in television working as actors....

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 10, 2020 Life

Motivation Explained Theories provide explanatory basis for all kinds of phenomena; be it social, biological, psychological, or natural. In the field of psychology, several theories have been developed by notable scholars to explain the concept of motivation. Basically, this concept preoccupies itself with how humans act or behave in a particular way and why they do; that is, what inspires or stirs up a certain kind of behavioural output in humans. One of such theory that attempts to provide justifications for why human beings act in specified ways is the Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation. Maslow’s theory is a content theory of motivation that is, it explains what motivation is and what it is not. This theory explicates motivation from the angle of the dissatisfaction of specified needs arranged in order of precedence. Emphasis is laid on the fact that what motivates human behaviour is the inability to satisfy some...

Ikigai - the Reason for Being

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 10, 2020 Life
Young woman stretching outside in nature near mountains and forest

The Realities of Life Often times, life presents you with different challenges – challenges that nearly choke you out of existence. At those crucial moments, the purpose of life becomes bleak and its essence, frustrating. Then, and right there at that crossroad, it dawns on you that the journey of life is full of ups and downs, push and pulls – an indication that life is not at all, a bed of roses. Of course, in life, many forces militate against one’s quest for fulfillment. For some, it is the daily hustle and bustle for survival while for some others; it is the search for a better life, a raised paycheck or an upgraded standard of living. Ikigai: Bouncing Back In reacting to life’s pressures, the Japanese people invented a concept known as ‘Ikigai’ simply translated in English as ‘the reason for being’. The concept is a marriage of two...

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