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Amor Fati - The love of own fate

Darryl Bachmeier May 11, 2019 Life

Amor Fati is a two word phrase, Amor meaning to love and Fati is for fate, which makes it the love of your fate. Life is so unpredictable and fate puts us in many unfavorable situations, you may feel distressed looking at the problems you are facing, you may lose hope at the point where nothing is getting fixed, you may experience a huge loss in your business, you may get stuck in chaos giving you extra depression. All these situations will demotivate you, give you anxiety, and make you feel worthless if you keep overthinking about failure. But Amor Fati is a concept that makes you feel relaxed and think that what happened was meant to be and you should focus on what is coming. A concept to keep in mind Amor Fati is not just two words but a whole combination of concepts, it is a mindset that...

Practices That Can Help You Deal With Impermanence

Darryl Bachmeier May 7, 2019 Life

Life is a sequence of spontaneous and natural changes. Do not repel them. It’ll only make you sorrowful. Allow reality to be a reality. Let life happen. Let things take their natural course and move whichever way they wish. My heart sinks every time I hear somebody say, “I’m looking for a permanent job”. The truth of the matter is that there’s nothing such as a permanent job. Nothing in this life is immortal. Everything has its expiry date. Even your favorite food on the supermarket shelves has an expiry date, after which you can’t use it. Not relationships, not friendships, not status, not even our lives. One day we’ll all take our last breath and exit the scene. Sad. Why are you consumed with permanence when not a single thing in the world will last forever? There are no guarantees in life. Only impermanence. Impermanence Examples Look. We’re growing...

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