Learning From Mistakes

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 12, 2020

Mistakes are an essential part of an individual’s life. We see ourselves in so many different and difficult situations in our lives, and we think to ourselves, what made us go through this phase. We tend to accuse ourselves of our failures and not learn from them.

Existence in this world with mistakes is inevitable, so, instead of worrying and taking stress over our failures, we should rectify our mistakes into lessons for lifetime achievements.

Too often, we see ourselves in a situation where we say something, but people take different meanings for that, we try so hard to get successful in a project or task, but we still end up getting last.

We see people take our efforts and love for granted, also judge us for our choices and decisions. All these things make us anxious and challenge our mental health, so the question should be; what should we do when we find ourselves failing in something, we expected better outcomes?

Here are three undeniable techniques to change your flaws into perfections:


The first step towards realizing your flaws is to accept them in front of everyone. Do not hold up your ego against something you did not excel in. There is always room for improvement, so the first thing you should do is to accept and acknowledge your mistakes and imperfections.

If you get into a fight and you did wrong to someone, your first response should accept your mistake. Apologizing for your bad behavior and killing your ego for something you’re wrong at; does not weak or vulnerable.

It gives you the power of self-confidence! Ever heard a phrase that said, “when you accept your flaws, no one can use it against you”; Once you start the habit of accepting your worst behavior in front of others, they believe that you’re changing towards a stable and better mindset. When you tell someone that you’re not good at a particular thing, they start thinking that you’re trustworthy and cheerful who do not think of themselves as egotistical.

A Positive Mindset

Ever saw people who are so satisfied even when they did not achieve what they expected? When they are being mistreated, but they do not intend to do the same to the other? Ever saw a couple fighting but, one of them accepts their mistakes.

The answer to this question is, mentally healthy people are also those who see the good in others even when someone did them wrong. They have such a positive personality and charm that they do not get affected by someone’s negativity. They feel bad for the wrong person and prays that their heart changes them into better human beings.

This kind of stuff may look like a fantasy to us because, to be honest, everyone has their limits. Not everyone can be so relaxed towards an irony, but the answer is when you have patience and positivity, no one has the power to affect your mental capabilities.

A Decision-Making Process

Many people who are making the same mistake, again and again, are also the people who cannot make a rational decision. As easy as it might sound to you, decision making is not a cup of tea for every individual. Some people cannot decide because they tend to trust others’ capabilities for their decisions, the habit of asking people about what they would do in that situation. Asking others about their opinion instead of wrong; rather, it gives you the know-how of how other people might tackle the hurdle. Such is not the case with everyone; some people rely on another person’s mental capabilities for their life decisions.

Many people, who are not mentally or emotionally capable of making a decision, end up making a mistake because of trusting someone else’s decision-making process. We should keep in mind that a particular person you ask to decide for you would tell you his decision or opinion from his perspective and his encounter in that situation. But the truth is, the circumstances might not be the same for you.

Therefore, you should take opinions from people as you like, but the outcome of those opinions should be a decision solely from your side.


With all the factors mentioned above, we can conclude that to be a pro at rectifying your mistakes, you have to learn the whole process of letting your inner self make decisions. Mistakes are a part of life, so it should not be something that should make you demotivated or discouraged. Instead, it should make you strong and resilient.

Therefore, whenever you caught yourself in an irrational decision or an unfavourable situation, you should be smart enough to realize that this is your pathway towards a successful life ahead. Your mistakes do not define you. The self-realizing and the process of learning from it, do.

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