Learn how to make your business grow with quality

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 29, 2019

To make your company grow, it is fundamental to carry out production planning and control. They ensure a tuning of work inside and outside the company. This process facilitates the integration of production and sales sectors of your average or large company, as it balances internal activities with appropriate procedures and externally connects your business to the market.

In this way, these measures facilitate planning practices and standardize your company’s products and processes, and so your business will achieve success with ease.

Make sure your business is ready to grow

The first step in this process is to have the primary goal outlined, whether you want to expand geographically, increase revenue, or expand market share.

After this analysis, evaluate the situation of your company acting in a larger dimension. To do this, do some planning, find out what is necessary for your company to increase sales, which areas would be impacted by the expansion of the company, which is feasible for the company in the new branch.

With this process, the entrepreneur will have a sense of what will be the risk points of an expansion of the company and will find the best alternatives and improvements needed for the company.

Have control over your entrepreneurial journey

Every venture has the phases of the investor. Having authority and knowing what level you are in can help you grow your company’s growth vision and prevent it from closing the doors. It has first consisted of the idea stage where there is business optimism — followed by the struggle phase to leverage the company. Soon after comes the Lifestyle phase where the entrepreneur has a flexible control and gets to live from the business. This is followed by the desert phase where there are doubts about the expansion of the company and finally growth where there is business optimization.

Use the SWOT analysis technique

SWOT analysis is one of the most commonly used tools for balancing the company. It helps to analyze the internal and external environments of the institution.

It’s an effortless technique. It consists of a table in which on one side you list the strengths and weaknesses of your business to know how it has worked internally.

Brainstorm all of these topics, and it helps you understand the company’s performance and what it needs to improve. Then look at the outer one. List all the threats and opportunities to grow your business.

This will give you control over how this process can affect your business.

Plan your business with the GUT Matrix

The GUT Matrix is a technique that will help you define which is the focus of your business at the moment. With it you will make the strategies of a planning for the growth of the company.

The tool consists of three factors: The severity represents the potential impact of the procedure. The Urgency sets the deadline for the strategy to be carried out. And the Trend represents the negative potentials of the results if the procedure is not put into practice.

Face your fears

It is necessary to abandon the fears to open new opportunities. Fear of the company’s business failure is normal. But you have to have the courage because you will never know if it will work if you do not risk it. Fear can paralyze the entrepreneur rather than stimulate it, and as a consequence, there is a return in business. We must face the new challenges. Do not act on impulse. Analyze the best alternatives, do the math and think about your company. Courage is synonymous with great entrepreneurs.

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