Business leadership and its 10 basic characteristics

Darryl Bachmeier Apr 19, 2019 Leadership

Business leadership is a capacity that we all have, but we do not always take advantage of it. Becoming a good leader is one of the keys for you to achieve efficient and integrative teamwork. We tell you below the 10 basic characteristics that you must take into account. When we talk about a leader, we are not simply referring to a boss. A group of workers accepts a person as their leader when they understand that their recommendations are the most convenient for the majority. To do this, you must know how to communicate with your team, motivate them to achieve better results and create a climate where everyone shares the same ideas and objectives. Only then can you go from being just a boss to being a leader. That’s what business leadership consists of. According to experts, business leadership is defined as: “Situation of superiority in which a...

5 Ways to develop your Leadership Skills

Darryl Bachmeier Apr 8, 2019 Leadership

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader,” said John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States. There are those who think that leadership skills are innate, that one is born as a leader, but the truth is that we can all become people capable of motivating and leading work teams. Five leadership skills that you must cultivate Develop your communicative skills A good leader should be not only able to convey his ideas but also practice active listening clearly. That means that you must show genuine interest in the ideas and opinions of the people that make up your team, not reject them in advance without having carefully evaluated them and never disqualifying them, even if they are not the ideal solution. It is also important that you pay attention to your body language as...

What are the keys to business leadership?

Darryl Bachmeier Apr 6, 2019 Leadership

“The direction is to organize and send. The leadership is to nurture and improve,” wrote Tom Peters, a specialist in business management practices. Good leaders inspire their team and encourage them to give their best at work, so their influence ends up having a direct impact on productivity. A study in which 50,000 managers were analyzed showed that a negative leadership style generates losses for the company, but the extraordinary leaders are able to double the profits. The seven characteristics of a positive business leadership style Ability to recruit and retain talent When the leadership of a company is negative, 80% of workers want to leave their job, but that figure drops to 4% when good corporate leadership is put into practice. Good leaders know that without a good team you can not go very far, so they strive to recruit talent for your company and ensure that these people...

What followers want from leaders?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 25, 2019 Leadership

If we consult Maslow’s hierarchy of needs all individuals want to reach the top of the pyramid and achieve self-actualization. As a leader we can help ourselves and our followers at the same time by helping them to grow personally and professionally. The needs of a follower depend both on the work that the followers do and the personality of the follower. If the work involves repetitive manual tasks then the follower would be motivated for higher salary. If however the work involves higher thinking and creativity the motivation of the follower would be for higher needs. Leaders must ensure that they at least meet the basic needs for followers. It is best to make money a non-issue buy paying a competitive salary. This avoids the follower thinking about their lower needs. A leader needs to provide a vision and goals so the followers feel their work gives them purpose....

What Makes A Good Leader?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 24, 2019 Leadership

Business Leadership Owning your own business makes you the boss by default but a leader is more than that. Leadership is about earning the trust and respect of employees through by supporting them. It is about what you can do for them and acting in a way that inspires them to perform. Good leaders tend to have similar qualities. Adaptability Change happens. What worked before may not work today. Just because it is the way we have always done things does not mean it is right. Look for new opportunities to become better. Appreciation Providing positive feedback regularly boosts your employee’s self-esteem. It shows you are paying attention and you care. This works for customers also. Show them that you value their business. Communication When you communicate effectively you avoid confusion and you build trust. If you listen, really listen, to what is being said the message gets across. Be...

Hard versus soft power for leaders

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 17, 2019 Leadership

An example of Hard Power is the carrot and stick philosophy also known as Reward and Coercive power. Reward Power is when the leader has power to give or take away rewards. Coercive Power is when the leader has power to punish. I believe that a Theory X leader would be much more likely to use hard power as it is aligned with their belief that people do not like work and need to be motivated. I see this working only followers who respond well to rewards. It can also lead to followers who do not think for themselves and do not develop. Soft Power on the other hand is the use of persuasion and logical argument to attract followers to your ideas and goals. Types of soft power include legitimate, referent, expert and informational. Legitimate power is given to those leaders based on their position or title CEO or...

Servant leadership

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 16, 2019 Leadership

The servant leader’s first priority is to serve the organization. They put the needs of the organization and their followers before their own. They assist their followers to grow both personally and professionally. Leaders encourage trust between themselves and their followers. Unlike traditional management style which uses different types of power the servant leader shares power through collaboration. Leaders must have good vision of where the business is going. They provide goals for people to focus and this gives them a sense of purpose. Servant leadership style is my favorite leadership style. I like how it treats the follower in a homeopathic way by treating the whole person.

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