Leadership in project management roles and work team

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 22, 2019

The roles in a project are crucial; they must be clearly defined and may vary depending on the work we have planned to do.

Everything depends on the structure you have planned, which has to adapt to the complexity and type of project you are working on. To adapt it, the person responsible for it must be ordered. In addition, the structure must match the policies of the company and the particular conditions of the project, such as the number of workers available, time, or the complexity of it.

In project management, it is important to know how to identify the roles, authority, and responsibilities of each person. It is also necessary that the duties and functions of each employee, are well informed, clear and well defined from the beginning of the project if we want it to come out correctly. It is advisable to check the structure periodically, to check that everything works as it should.

The structure of a project is usually in the form of a hierarchy since there is always a leader who is in charge of directing. However, there is a great variety of roles that have great importance.

The roles of project management

  1. Project Director

The director in project management is the leader and the one in charge of the costs and resources that will be needed. It is also responsible for planning and programming, that is, identifying the work to be carried out, considering the difficulties and responsibilities of each one, and the resources necessary to execute them. Another responsibility of the director is the organization and supervision of the project, in other words, follow up and take the necessary measures when a problem appears, in addition to attributing the responsibilities that each employee will have.

Another of the obligations it has is to direct and prioritize each of the tasks throughout the process. That is why it is important that you are familiar with the organization where the project is developed, with basic management knowledge and know the necessary tools to carry out successful management.

  1. Project Team

Your collaborators depend on the Project Manager, and they are in charge of the results of the product. This group is formed during the planning especially to carry out this work. It consists of a set of two teams, the main team, and the coach: The principal is responsible for implementing the work packages, in addition to helping the leader to make decisions, develop solutions and determine the progress that has been made. While the technician is responsible for finding the most appropriate solutions to achieve the objective set. This group is in the lower level

  1. Coordinator

The coordinator is responsible for clarifying and defining the goals of the project. In addition, it is responsible for generating synergies in the team. This coordinates to achieve the objectives set, and even though he is not the leader, he is in charge of delegating, promoting decision making and taking charge of creating a pleasant work environment, in which there is respect. This team is at the intermediate level, along with the director and executives.

  1. Executive

He is responsible for this is to establish objectives and requirements, grant orders, solve unexpected conflicts. Basically, it is responsible for the same as the project manager, with the only difference that it deals with all the issues that have been transferred to the leader, in addition to providing the necessary resources to complete the objectives.

  1. Project Board

It is the superior level, and its function is to dedicate itself to the strategy and control of the project, besides taking the strategic decisions of the company. This group tests the planning, establishes priorities, creates strategies to be followed, and resolves unforeseen problems in addition to being responsible for representing the product.

Now that you know what the roles are to manage a project, it’s time for you to plan who will be responsible for what.

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