Leaders vs Managers

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 14, 2019

Leadership is simply someone who has one or more individuals who follow them.

I think what makes a great leader is that the individuals freely choose to follow the leader while the leader conducts with grace, has the necessary wisdom and is able to create an environment that motivates and encourages teamwork.

The differences between a leader and a manager are control and vision. A manager controls through human, physical and financial resources. Managers need to determine what takes priority and then focus their resources on that task or project. Their goal is to keep the “machine” running. We can hope this means as efficiently and safely as possible.

A leader has vision to see what opportunities either exist or may be revealed in the future. Leaders are the entrepreneurs who create the business venture, spot competitors weakness and discover new market niches. Both leaders and managers are needed in a well-run company.

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