Know When to Quit

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 9, 2019

Well, although sometimes quitting might appear like you admit defeat, it could be the best decision to make. Some people want to quit, but they might not be sure if it is the right time. This article will discuss eight signs to help you know when to quit.

Difficulties on Mondays

Most people find it difficult to go to work on Mondays. However, if you have difficulties going to work every Monday morning, it can be a sign that you do not like your job anymore. On average, employees can spend more than 37 hours at their workplace.

If you encounter miseries most of the time you spend at the office, it could be a sign that you need to quit the job, move on, and find another source of income.

Low Mood at Your Job

Several job opportunities across the globe can be exciting and exhilarating to work out. A good example can be sports stars and top artists. Nevertheless, a larger percentage of jobs available out there often involve a ride of boring lows and interesting highs.

It can be a major red flag to find that you experience more lows than highs at your workstation each day. It would be best to switch to a job that is engaging and challenging. It would help if you considered quitting jobs that are dull and boring.

You Do Not Learn New Ideas

Do you learn any new ideas when you are at your workplace? Does your employer enable you to invest in your skills and future? Everyone would like to achieve progress and become more successful in their life.

If you do not learn new ideas at the beginning of a new job opportunity, it can be a clear indication that you will never learn from it in the future. In any case, you must consider testing new opportunities that can help you learn more.

Promotion Without Increase in Payment

If you have a long list of chores, you deserve to get a better salary. Well, a long list of chores is not a bad move. Nevertheless, you must ensure that your pay-check reflects the promotion you achieve.

It would be best to speak up if your manager assigns more work to you without giving you any rewards. Ensure that your employer can pay you fairly for your skills and efforts. If he does not agree with this, it might be the right time to move forward.

Stressful Sleep

Logically, facing a lot of stress at your workplace will affect your sleep. Recent research indicates that people who have stress at their workplace are most likely to experience stressful sleep.

The factor of sleep is very crucial, yet most people tend to ignore it. You must ensure that you create some level of balance between your personal life and work. The inability to balance these factors can result in serious health conditions.

Negative Impact on Your Health

Apart from inadequate sleep, stress at your workplace can result in many other health conditions. Research indicates that more than 1,000,000 people in the US suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress due to their workplace conditions.

This research implies that there are many people across the world facing the same challenge. It would be best to ensure that you formulate a way to solve this problem. One of the most effective solutions is to quit your current role.


Your job should allow you to improve your social life. If the only time you can interact with other people is when you are going to work or going back home, it might be best for you to rethink your priorities.

Generally speaking, your job should allow you to relate well with other people. It should also enable you to relax and interact with your family and friends.

Constant Emails

A good job should provide you with free space over the weekends and during the holidays. At this time, you can get to break from your daily routine and chill out. How can this be possible if you get way too many emails on your phone every day?

If your clients or manager does not respect your timetable, it would be best to decide about your future. Ask them to stop sending you emails or contacting you when you are off-duty.


The factors we discussed in this post can be a clear indication that you must consider quitting. Your job should give you space to refresh your mind and develop your skills. If it does not promote your personal growth and only seeks to generate profit from you, it can help you know when to quit.

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