Know When To Shut Up And When To Talk

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 13, 2019

It is valuable wisdom to know when to open and close your mouth. We will talk when we should and should not talk. However, many successful people do very less of this, especially those who are aware of the value of being silent.

Here are some examples of how good it is for you not to say anything.

When you want to edit someone

This is mainly for the new acquaintance or a senior. If someone says, “it costs a million dollars for a pop company,” there are times when you have to fix things like you say pop and it’s not true.

When you set a big goal

You may think that revealing your thoughts to others will enhance your possibilities of accomplishing your set goals, but research states the opposite. Peter Colwitcher, an NYU psychology professor, found in four different studies that individuals who have their goals within themselves are more likely to reach them than those who make them public. Another reason not to blow up your big plans is that you will be active if you don’t follow through.

When you want to gossip

If someone behind them desires to tell you, don’t do it with something negative. There can be no good reason to do this. It makes you look short, childish, and excited. Besides, it may come back to the person you are cheating on. I say “unusually” because most of the times, people can do things scary and you have to explain what action to take. Nevertheless, this is a rare condition.

When the deal is not over

Look at the old saying about calculating your chicks before they hatch. If you make a deal, never declare it until everything is well ventilated until everyone signs each dotted line. You may feel silly when things come up.

If you are bothered, do not react immediately when someone annoys you because you may collapse and/or say something you should regret. You cannot take the things back. People will not forget, even if you apologies to them. You are weak when you are angry. Do not act in a weak moment. Even if they are wrong, even if you are right, you will not come out pretty.

When you are drunk

It is not easy to shut your mouth when you are drunk. But alcohol intake may lead you to the situation where you are more inclined to say something unsuitable. If you can calm down later, do so. If it is an office party, limit yourself to two drinks. If you can be quiet after a while, do so. If it is an office party, limit two drinks.

You’re going to ask a question that is not really a question

If you are sitting in a crowd, it is going to be wrapped, and “You are going to use our hand to achieve the main skill, ride the swimming track, and move the needle until we change the paradigm?” No. You are not asking the real question. You provoke corporate speech so that somebody will know you are in the room and they will dislike you for it. Hence, they want to end the conference and return to their work.

When you complain

This can be a hot topic, suppose you have so much to do, and something smells the project is nonsense. All things are true probably, but you should keep it to yourself only. No one wants a whimper.

When someone else is stupid

When someone around you is stupid, rude by nature, and fighting or a fool with no other choice, you should let him or her go. You should not call them out; also, you should not even get mad, never insult or embarrass those people. Think that they may not have a good day, or they have no idea how to handle themselves in these types of situations. Please, you can spread things faster than you can behave similarly. If the person is really a terrible idiot, they are good enough to deal with in life.

You will talk to fill the silence

Silence can be bad, but there are two reasons you should not rush to fill it. There are some people who think before they speak, and they don’t get angry just if they are paused like others. Therefore, in case you jump to fill the void, you are really disrupting their thinking process. So, it’s better to wait for a moment, then make sure others are not ready to talk.

One more reason is that if you both of you are silently awkward, this tome you can learn a lot by allowing another person to fill. It’s because we usually talk too much when we want to impress others and can deal with any awkward situation we may feel.

It was your fault for not accepting the end of our conversation. When conducting interviews or during meetings, you may apply this tactic.

The benefits of Shutting up

Although the benefits of speaking help you to avoid passive-aggressive responses, it is sometimes good to keep your mouth shut, especially when you are in a very emotional state that can affect your ability to think clearly.

Talk when you feel there is a need to talk

Many people talks too much, do not be one of them. It is important to know when to speak when to shut up and listen or to be quiet. You don’t always need to talk. Most of the times, other people just want you to listen instead of talking. There are examples that say less is more.

  • Speak when you need to.
  • Do not constantly talk when it is unnecessary
  • Say something when you are told something
  • People will notice if you say stupid things
  • You can observe whether people are interested in listening to what you are saying

Bottom Lines

Be careful and try not to be the weird person who has no idea when to shut up. Talking unnecessarily will definitely affect your social life and your personal life, too.

If you keep talking for no reason, no one will want to share any friendship bond with you, and everyone will assume that you are stupid (even if you are not). You can represent yourself better by talking mindfully. If you still bother others by talking too much, then it’s an end game for you.

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