Keystone habit

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2020

Habits may make or break us. They develop with us as we grow. The strongest habits are those that had been living in us throughout our early childhood. Think about why it is a happiness booster for some of us to go out on a walk daily and it is a punishment for others.

Defining keystone habit and its importance!

A keystone habit is that one single habit that has the strongest effect on us. We can change our life and make big improvements within us; we achieve great things in life by using the keystone habit. While the keystone habit may be positive or negative but the good ones make our life and bad ones break us sometimes.

It is important to create change in our life either through four of these categories:





When the already made habits work for a long time, this may lose their effect and that is why we need to identify the old ones and develop some new ones for our success over time.

It means success or it means failure, you have the power to choose-

Keystone habits are the foundation of your many other habits and daily life behaviors. They are good to use for supporting small achievements and leading to healthy choices with more confidence. This is one of the ingredients that take you ahead from your present state of mind. Some major examples of what we call keystone habits are:

Eating fruits and vegetables as a snack

Avoiding smoking areas to save oneself from secondary smoke

Drinking a cup of warm water daily in the morning

Doing yoga twice a day

Daily writing good things in a journal before sleeping

Positive thinking in every situation


Connecting with your keystone habits

Noticing your daily routine will aware you about your keystone habits.What are some of the rituals that you do after waking up, before leaving home, at the school, in your car, whiles you eat and when you clean and when you study and when you have leisure time to spend?There are cues in your routine for example; John is always busy in washing his car when he has a holiday and Tina always move out of her home when she greets her cat and so on.Observing yourself determine your keystones.

For your body

In the physical domain, some of the most effective habits are regarding your health, strength, immunity and appearance.One of which is self-care, starting from your consumption of food, if you need to appear beautiful, you can have a dose of fresh fruits and vegetables, a glass of milk and few nuts.Similarly, for strength and immunity, you can eat figs and do muscle exercise for better posture, better digestion and stability while carrying out some of the activities.Another sign that tells about your physical health is the quality of sleep you take.Set alarms and complete daily naps for 7 hours without any stress.

For your mind

In this category, intellectual, spiritual and emotional habits are included. To improve intellectually brain games are interesting boosters for your cognition, memory, problem solving and attention. You are planning and implementation will improve with puzzles and crosswords. You will be able to make decisions more wisely.

Then comes the spiritual growth.Everyone wants to be peaceful and satisfy his or her need to feel rested and complete.Even no one is perfect but they can achieve optimal satisfaction through practicing meditation and other spiritual tasks like sitting in silence and isolation to soothe one’s senses.

Emotionally, the expression is most important.Expressing your emotions in an effective manner is safe for your health and relationships.You can learn to interact in a trustworthy, polite and gentle way.

Steps to take hold of your productive keystone habits

Plan what keystone habits do you want to keep for a long time and you need in your success.Keep track of those habits and try to stick with them as possible.Mark your habits in a diary with a pen.Keep on doing those habits in small steps and for a short time but daily repeat them.Consistency is the key to help you in building the habits more strongly.The more you practice the more benefit you will get.This focus on your good habits also minimizes the focus on bad habits and the cycle goes on.Reward yourself and be thankful each week for any progress you make.


Everything is in our hands; we can learn and apply if we are eager to do something. We are motivated whenever we want to do something. Our need to fill a purpose drives us to our goals. Find your goal and work on it. Then relate it with the keystone habits or use your keystone habits for accomplishing a purpose. We all have our ways. Keep an eye on your unique way to follow this!

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