Key Areas of your life

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Life is pretty bright and joyful in all of its diversity. Its complexity sometimes may lead many individuals to feel a bit lost and struggle to understand what their purpose of life must be. That leads to unnecessary soul-searching, depression, and frustration. Those whose productivity suffers a lot, and they cannot properly concentrate on achieving their goals. So let us determine the central life’s areas.

Physical Health

Any person cannot concentrate on achieving their primary goals at the same time as they feel any physical discomfort. The distraction effect of any pain type, cough, high temperature, physical injury is unbelievably huge. People that are suffering from any chronic illness demonstrate not only poor job performance but also a significantly worse brain activity and cognitive functions compared to a healthy individual.

Spiritual Needs

Morality, law-abiding, religious beliefs – are all the part of the spiritual needs. While we are kids, we soak up the religious beliefs, moral principles, and then acting according to them as we grow up. If the Bible than you raised you probably will feel more comfortable adhering to Ten Commandments.

Family and Friends

Having a family is a basic need for every individual. Your relatives are the only social group, who will give you a hand in almost any kind of your business and any situation. This does not exactly mean that you have to get married and have a few kids. It would be better if you have close relationships with a tight circle of people. In addition, it is not necessarily should be your blood relatives. More importantly is for you to feel safe, comfortable, and pleasing in their company.

Career and Finance

Can you imagine your life without earning a living? Certainly not! However, having a just a job is not enough to truly satisfy us. We need the prospect of career growth, something to work towards. Moreover, the financial aspect of life can be entwined with the career of the individual. Therefore, you have to choose your future job very carefully. The ideal employer will not only provide you with financial means but also grants vast possibilities for career growth.

Recreation and Fun

Do not burn yourself out working all the time. We need to have fun and relax. Dramatically high level of depressions and other mental illnesses is one of the main results of overworking. You need to understand and remember clearly that your weekends are for fun and rest and not for more work at home. Do not forget to socialize, play video games, go to the cinema or take any other kind of activity that makes you happy.

Romantic Feelings and Love

Most if not all of us feel the need to love and be loved as well. Even if now you are at the point of your life when love seems like something unnecessary, someday you will feel the urge for it. Love may lead us to the highest and the fullest moments we have ever felt, or it may motivate us to do the stupidest and most awful things in our lives. Love for all ages, genders, and psych types is one of the most powerful motivators and needs. You have to feel it during your lifetime at least once if you want to taste the full brightness of existence.

How to Manage All of These Life Areas?

Firstly, you need to get clear and always remember that the self-sufficient individual seeks to develop all of the areas, harmonically, fully sequentially, and evenly. You will feel unhappy if, for example, your career and recreation areas will be over satisfied, and, at the same time, you dont have family, friends or romance and alltogether forget about maintianing your health. You could begin to suffer from depression. Imagine that your areas of life are a pie or cake in the shape of a circle. Will, one slice be much larger than the rest?

Managing your life may feel hard if you do not have any tools to track down your personal development. Get yourself a planner or download an app for your mobile device where you will be recording all the crucial notes about your everyday life. You may also start a journal where you will write all about your inner feelings and well-being. In the future, you can read all your records and understand better what kind of events, people, or circumstances have the most significant impact on your life.

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