Keeping a team focused and motivated

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 18, 2019

Many teams, those who work mainly on long projects, end up reducing their production and performance, because that initial challenge is being changed by the daily routine, in other words, they get “stuffy” to look at all day long. the same code, the same process, the same screens, the same rules.

The other day I was reading a story that suggested even the team’s total focus shift, at least one day a week. That, in turn, may be a bit overdone, but there are some viable ways to stay focused, and therefore the motivation of the team. Below are some points that are positive differentials in the daily life of a team:

Challenges: Many people live to overcome challenges, they encourage them to go beyond, seek something more, seek to create these challenges in the course of each project delivery; Clarity in project information: leave your team inside everything that is happening, such as deadlines, customer feedback, delays, etc .; Know the expectations of the team regarding the project: have the knowledge of what each person expects with this project, so we can analyze and detect the reasons for a possible loss of focus of a team member; Clarity of the company in expectation of team performance: make clear to all involved what the company expected of them, responsibilities and the importance of each at each moment of the project; Organization: well defined processes, where each person has the vision of where he comes from what he receives, and where he goes all that he produces, and especially his responsibilities; Be open to change and new ideas: the team needs to feel that their opinions will be taken into account; Praise in public and treat problems in particular: Every person likes to receive praise, and to be recognized for the effort, this is always something that encourages people. Criticisms and problems need to be treated with greater care, so always treat these issues in particular to avoid major discomforts; Remuneration: praise does not pay the bills, right? So know how to reward your team fairly. In addition, create goals and promotions if they are reached (this works a lot); Your team mirrors you: keep schedules, complete your tasks, do your part. It seems logical, but many in a leadership position do not; Promote knowledge: involve the team in workshops and lectures, seek to aggregate knowledge in people’s lives; Nice environment: create a comfortable environment for your team, meet their needs and meet them; Have a relationship: the one you need to be as friendly as possible with the team members, stop being the annoying and boring leader.

Just paying well is not enough. At first it may even work, but after a while this is no longer the differential, and people start looking for other points they tell on a day-to-day basis.

Treating each item above with your due attention is extremely important to keep the team focused and motivated because motivated employees is the soul of a successful company!

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