Keeping Spark Alive In Your Relationship

Darryl Bachmeier
Oct 12, 2020

The spark between two people is a foundation for the relationship. It develops love, passion, and care all at the same time. Sadly, the spark isn’t eternal and eventually, it will start to fade away. When that happens, your relationship or marriage becomes a habit and nothing more. As such, keeping spark alive is essential if you want to have a long and happy marriage or relationship for as long as possible. Here are tricks that will help you with that.

Care about memories you two have

Keeping spark alive cannot be done if you don’t look in the past occasionally. The goal is to remember of a great time, an event, or anything that involves you two. Discuss and remind your loved one about that event. This is mandatory due to the fact your partner will know how much the time with him/her means to you even after so many years. Of course, don’t forget to make new memories and to enjoy the relationship.

Learn and use love language of your partner

The main idea here is to learn how and when your partner loves to receive attention from you. It can be a small love note on the refrigerator or a small gift. Affirmation words, careful acts, and also touch are all the things you need to use as often as you can. They can elevate the marriage and make it special and even better. Try to make a routine out of this trick. It will have wonderful and impressive effects on any relationship and it will never become boring.

Always respond to little things

Every now and then, your partner will tell you something. It can be an ordinary event, a simple question, or anything in between. For example, your wife can tell you ‘’I had the worst problem with my boss today.’’ You need to show interest in that problem even if it is nothing serious. If you avoid showing interest in these forms of connection, a person will start thinking that he or she is irrelevant to you. This kills the spark like nothing else and it must be avoided at all cost. Showing that you care is the opposite thing that will keep spark alive.

Flirting must be present always

Although many people believe that flirting is something we do when we meet a new person, it isn’t. Flirting is something you need to use with your spouse or partner every single day, even after years and decades of relationship. Tell her compliments, sexy things, or even send her texts with a similar purpose. It means that you love that person and you care about her. When you stop, it means completely the opposite. Flirting can make that person feel special and wanted.

Go on the first date, again

This is a trick you can use and should if your relationship is already compromised or you notice small problems. Recreating the first date will start the flare once again and make you feel special all over again. Don’t try to recreate 100% the same date. It won’t be possible. Instead, relax and enjoy. Visiting the same place where you had the first date is a great choice. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, act that you are really on the first date. Act like you don’t know that person and come separately.

Kiss your partner at least 3 times per day

This is a mandatory trick for people who are in a long marriage or long relationship. Kissing is the best way to show that person how much he or she means to you. Regular, occasional or passionate kisses are essential in order to keep the spark alive. They can lead to something new and special, so never stop kissing the person you love.

Eliminate money-related problems

Money can be a huge cause of failed marriage or relationship. Instead of avoiding this issue or believing it is irrelevant, do the opposite. Get on the same page. You two can have mutual or separate accounts but the money is still needed for the home, children, and all the rest. Make sure to develop plans and mutual goals regarding this issue. There is no need to add that honesty in this case scenario is mandatory. Create goals you can afford and use your budget carefully.

Laugh and smile as much as you can

One reason why so many relationships fail is the lack of laughter and smiling. Due to so many reasons, partners stop doing this after some time. You should be better than those people. Smile and laugh as often as you can. This tells your partner that everything is fine and you are happy. Without these simple things in your life, a relationship cannot survive.


Keeping the spark alive takes time and effort. If you lose one of these two, you will lose the spark and you will end the relationship. But, you saw that all the tricks are actually fun and something you should do simply because you love that person. Don’t forget that the spark cannot last without love or love can exist without the spark.

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