Keep Calm in Crisis

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 27, 2020

Did you know that most people tend to panic when a critical situation or a challenge arises? Doctors warn that stress and anxiety can cause a complete meltdown. Panic can lower your capability to produce optimally and also results in long-term damage to your health.

Most of the worlds’ great achievers, such as artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs, could not achieve their success level if they did not learn how to keep calm in crisis. They can develop and maintain a specific state of mental preparedness and readiness to respond to the tough situation.

Carriage and composure are crucial prerequisites to boost your performance if you run a company or work on your talent. Besides, if you are self-assured, sufficiently practiced, and composed, you raise your chances of becoming successful in life. Here are eight tips to improve your mindset:

Slow Down

Make sure you do not respond to the challenges immediately. Instead, ensure that you remain patient and try to find more information about the situation at hand. Always evaluate the condition and try to estimate how long it might last.

If it is a crisis that will last for a year or longer, try to strategize on how you can solve the problem. Instead of viewing yourself as a victim of the crisis, strive to develop the mindset to solve the problem. In any case, maintaining a robust mindset will help to improve your capability to decide and protects you from connecting emotionally.

Stay Positive

If there is a stressful situation, you will most likely develop thousands of ideas to help solve it. Some of these ideas can be negative. Allowing your mind to browse through so many options will block you from staying calm.

Therefore, you must train your mind to shun from negative ideas about the crisis. Instead, try to keep a positive mindset and refocus on strategies to solve the situation.

Limit Your Doubts

One of the worst questions that can run through your mind during a crisis is “what if.” This kind of questioning will prompt sheer panic, and it also forces you to scan through conditions that have not happened and might not even happen.

Thinking about such questions can escalate the crisis and compound fear. Instead, focus on identifying strategies and tips that can help to solve the problem. Take a pen and lists several methods that you can take to solve the problem.

Take Care

If you prioritize your well-being and focus on your health, you will maintain a good mindset to solve the problem. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and make sure you eat a balanced diet. Besides, exercising will boost the body function and lower the stress hormones level in the body.

Improving your health will promote your emotional intelligence, memory, and self-control. Combining these characteristics will help you to respond aptly to the situation. It will also boost the effectiveness of the solution strategies you initiate.

Limit Caffeine

Many people are more likely to develop the need to take a coffee cup when they find themselves in the middle of a difficult situation. Caffeine can result in a quick burst of physical strength and energy since it triggers adrenaline release.

Hence, this body state can result in a crash, such as irritability and fatigue in some cases. Instead of consuming too much caffeine, you must consider opting for drinks that can help to hydrate your body. An energy drink, soda, or water can be suitable.

Talk to Your Mentor or Friend

It would be best to seek help and advice from your support system regarding what to do during a stressful situation. Consulting someone who is not connected to the crisis emotionally will enable you to preview the condition independently.

Trying to solve the situation from a different perspective can give potential solutions. Reaching out to the people you respect and trust will make you feel more assertive during the crisis. It can be a great approach to help you combat anxiety and stress. Explaining your friends’ situation will help you think out loud and unknowingly help you discover solutions.


It would be best to pull away from the crisis for some time. Disconnecting from the situation will give you some space to process its surrounding emotions and dilemma. This strategy will help to solve the problem with a fresh mindset.

Cope Up With the Situation

Exposing your brain to a prolonged state of anxiety and stress can result in long-term damage to your brain and general health. It can also undermine your capability to decide rationally and wisely. You must learn to cope with the situation. Exercising and regular walks can help to boost your mental stamina.

It would be best to mention that previewing the crisis with an independent mindset will help you solve it quickly. Also, ensure that you seek help from your mentor.

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