Inner Voices - What do They Mean?

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 9, 2020

Just after locking your doors home for the weekend hangout, how many of you thought, “did I turn off the stove?” Or “did I forget something?” Or that tingling feeling when you were going for a job interview or sitting for a test and asked yourself, “am I forgetting something?”

Yes, some people regularly do this. Such inner conversation makes their life more comfortable. Some physiological experts may even argue that those who have become accustomed to such talking’s cannot even function properly without it.

For others, it’s utter nonsense. They think those who engage in such inner monologue are nuts. To them, the idea of conversing with themselves is absurd. Some use these voices in their heads, imagine situations, images, and a combination of these as reference points to lead their lives.

If you are one of those who experience these inner voices, this article will articulate these experiences and analyze them.

What are these inner voices?

These voices try to reign in your instincts. It forces you to double-check the decisions that you took out of instinct. So, it is advice from within.

Another popular theory is that your heart clashes with your mind. Your heart wants something, but your brain says no, “do not do it.” when there is this internal clash, you may begin hearing such voices.

Also, there are two sides to every person. One is good, gentle, humble, and kind. Another side is where the demon lives. Often when a person is unsure of which side they favor, they interact with such voices.

Why hear these inner voices in the first place?

It is a consensus among the psychological professors’ community that you hear these voices most when you are under pressure to make a big decision about your life or accomplish something vital.

At those crucial moments, the brain sends out a signal called “corollary discharge.” It drives our audio process. Therefore, we hear such voices. It helps us to differentiate many imaginative situations and compare them. Essentially, it’s a fact-checker.

What if you do not hear any such voices?

It is perfectly normal for you not to experience inner voices. But what is true that every single person have guidance from within. Different persons experience it in different ways. For some, this is experienced through emotions. For others, it’s images. It can be a tingling sensation or energy. Even it could be the whole body.

Should you listen to this voice?

Well, this is a tricky question to answer. Our judgment can sometimes become cloudy. The reason for that being is we cannot control our minds. If the mind is our master, then all the voices we will be hearing will be negative.

They will demotivate us. Demoralize us. In these cases, inner voices destroy your inner peace. They consume your life with tension, frustration, and anxiety. Your inners voices will also misguide you if you are corrupted to the core. In that case, you need spiritual guidance from external reference points.

Leaders who choose to lead morally and with ethics search for such external reference points. These could be religion. Or a heroic event. Or a memoir of a pious and celebrated person. For a corrupted soul to redeem himself/herself, they need to look for those points.

And if you have control of your mind, of course, you should listen to such voices since they are always right. They inspire you. These inner voices make you feel you are at the center of the world. It gets you cheered up. It helps you to move on. Most importantly, these voices let you never give up, never quit.

Suppose your mind controls you never listen to such voices. If you are the conqueror of your mind, do listen to them.

How to hear them?

As stated before, for some people, these voices come automatically. You get to hear them at random intervals. But you could try to listen to them by doing some activities.

Try to go somewhere quiet. Get some peace and tranquility. Clear your mind. Shut yourself from others for a brief period. Get away from your phones, laptops, and other stuff. The next step is to meditate. Why? For the simple reason - it works.

It’s an efficient way to meet with that spiritual voice. It brings us closer to our true selves. You will get in touch with your soul. And if this does not work, go back to mother nature. She is the source of life. You will get lost in the arms of mother nature. The vast array of space will let you think clearly and meet with the voice you are searching for.

One of the more common ways to find the inner voice is praying. Praying often stabilizes you. Centers you in this world. Freshens up your mind as you submit yourself to your creator. You find peace in that. It strips away everything. Then you see it closer to that voice.

Also, try to maintain a healthy and regular life. It will also help you in your quest to find that inner voice. You will not immediately find those answers. They will pop up while you are going on with your daily life. So be mindful and pay attention to your surroundings.


For your mental peace, you can look to your inner voice. It will make your life a lot easier. It will protect you from many catastrophes as well. But always remember, you must be the master of your body.

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