Importance of having a Clear Conscience

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 22, 2020

The knowledge of doing good or bad is hinged on a system that is seated somewhere within us. When we do something not quite praiseworthy, we end up having questions in our heart- more like an inner critic (judge). This system in our souls was created by God to help check every act of ours. It raises alarms when we act unbecomingly. This internal system within us is the CONSCIENCE.

What it actually means

At birth, our conscience was clear, with no corruption or a sense of guilt. Along the line, we began to learn the right things and those that are wrong. A clear conscience means a conscience void of the guilt of a wrong done. This simple meaning can be extended to both God and man. With a clear conscience, we can stand before God and men with no accusation coming to obstruct our relationship with them. Conscience is clear when one can boldly say that there is no living person that has been hurt by your actions, and you have not gone back to make things right.

Benefits of having a clear conscience

A clear conscience is something to be pursued hard by everyone. Here is a simple analogy. Look at our normal human bodies. When we pick up something hot, for example, some nerves send signals to the brain, so there is a pain sensation that makes us drop the hot object. Some persons with certain medical conditions, such as Hansen’s disease (otherwise known as leprosy), cannot have this pain sensation. The fact that we can have similar sensations by our conscience is a great value. When these sensations are lost, it only means one thing- a hardened or dead conscience.

The first benefit is that we can freely fellowship with our creator without feeling unworthy. A heart that feels condemned cannot enjoy confidence in fellowship. We can freely fellowship without being worried about our acceptability. We can be at peace knowing that when we ask for something, we will have it. It is such a beautiful feeling having to be clear in our conscience when we stand to worship. With this free fellowship, we can clearly hear the voice that guides us and instructs us on how to lead our lives and do what is acceptable.

We also discussed earlier that a clear conscience means there will not be anything whatsoever standing against our relationships with man. We will take it from there. This implies that we can lead a happy life and enjoy exciting relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and the world at large. A happy life will make you productive and progressive in life, which will lead to lots of beautiful happenings in your life.

How can you have a clear conscience?

Having a clear conscience is a responsibility that depends on us heavily. No one will do that for you. In the same vein, going about with guilt, believing that time will make it go away will not make you guiltless. It only reveals the fact that your conscience is active. We will carefully look into some general steps towards having a clear conscience.

The first of them is identifying the exact feeling of guilt and its cause. Identifying the guilt will lead you to confess them. Confessing them includes doing so to God and the people you have fallen out with. Honestly acknowledging them means that you are truly sorry and that you do not want to go back. With confession comes the exposure to a certain level of relief. It does not have to stop there, though. It is just the beginning.

The next major thing is asking for forgiveness. If we ask God for forgiveness, He is always ready to forgive our wrongs. For our fellow humans, we might need to make restitution if need be.

How do you maintain a clean and clear conscience?

Having a clear conscience is not the ultimate. The real deal is in maintaining that state of cleanness. Maintaining a clean conscience is going to be somewhat unsmooth. Still, with deliberate efforts and determination, we surely will have a smooth sail—the deliberate efforts of making huge sacrifices that will require humility and total honesty.

You can practice a daily reflection of your day before going to bed. Say your prayers, confess your sins, carefully consider what your conscience is pointing your attention to and make efforts to correct whatever wrong. This is a powerful tool in making your heart free of guilt.

Another thing is that you should cultivate and nurture your conscience. You should never take your conscience for granted. When it points your attention to something, act on it. It is key to maintaining a clean conscience.

Final thoughts

We have been able to see that a clear conscience will make you enjoy freedom in serving the Lord and in relating with fellow humans. If you want to be happy, do not be guilty. It is, therefore, important that we endeavor to maintain a clean and clear conscience.

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