Importance of Making and Keeping Friends

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Human beings are social animals and can be highly involved in different kinds of social relationships. We are connected with many other people in many different ways. For example, we have family’s relationships, working relations, neighbourhood associations and many other forms of similar connections.

Some of them may be represented in our life, some may not. However, there is one particular type that is extremely important for every person. It is the most helpful, essential, and necessary to have a kind of relationship. I am talking about friends and associations with them.

Why is that so important to Have Friends?

There are times where you find yourself in a situation that you cannot control, things are looking horrible. You have nowhere to go, or you really need to talk to someone, or borrow some cash, or whatever else. In some of these cases you may be lucky to have family help but sometimes you cant or are unable to turn to family you can turn to friends.

Friends grant you many positive emotions. You can share your deepest feelings, every good day, and each of the unfortunate circumstances in your life with them. You can double up the fun of any kind of social activities or recreational form in case if your friends accompany you. Moreover, if you chose friends wisely, they may become an excellent motivator for you and an outstanding life coach.

Whom to Choose as a Friend?

Many people can make huge mistakes when they pick up the wrong person as a friend. Toxic, having addictive or bad habits, chronically unemployed friends will only make your life worse. Instead of giving you support and share your wins and losses, they will be a never-ending drain on you, asking you for money, offending your dignity, and continually trying to do drugs, or booze, or other bad habits with them.

An ideal friend must share your interests, be motivated, likely happy with his life and moderately successful in everything that he is doing. Try to make friendly relationships only with those people who have similar or higher than your social status, income and life priorities and goals. You can create the most productive type of relationship with them, like symbiosis. You will share your experience, small life hacks and thoughts with them, and they will do the same for you. As a result, you both will grow in life.

Where to Find Friends and How to Make Them?

It is a well-known fact that the most loyal and strong friendly relationships are commonly formed in childhood. Your childhood friend will always have such a large amount of different experiences with you and over the years you may feel like you are talking with your own clone. The become your brother or sister. It is always a great pleasure to remember how you grew up together, different stories from childhood and other sentimental stuff. However, what to do if you cannot reach your childhood friend or you never ever have one? The answer is simple - get an adult one!

The most common way of getting a friend is just to start a friendly conversation with a person you like. It may be the person from the corner store, your colleague, a marvellous looking stranger, and so on. Try to be kind, polite, and positive and act like yourself. Do not be too obsessive and try to understand whether the person is interested in keeping the conversation or not. Ask some questions about different opinions of your potential friend; try to create a small dispute with them. It helps you to understand better if this individual seems the right candidate for long friendly relationships, or not. Do not protract the first contact with a stranger, and ask if he wants to meet again someday. That is all you need to know about the first contact.

Benefits of Having a Friend

You will always have the possibility to share your thoughts and feelings with a real person. You will have a chance to track down your personal growth with the perspective of another Obtain a real chance to increase all the fun and lessen all the sorrows. Have a great option to get valuable advice Get a possibility to objectively compare your experience in any life area with your friend’s personal knowledge and feelings.

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