Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 9, 2020

What is the opposite of arrogance, aggression, vanity, and pride? It’s humility. Humility is the act of being reverential, modest, and politely submissive. It seems like it doesn’t leave you any power, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not true cause humility gives you a lot of power. Aren’t you tired of the desire to be right, to impress, and get ahead? Humility offers you freedom from all those desires. What’s best about it is that losses and frustrations have less impact. So who is a humble person? It’s a person that confidently receives the opportunities to improve, grow, and reject labels that society forces on them. You, too, can lead a humble life, and it is a life that results in compassion, contentment, forgiveness, and patience.

What is it all about? Humility is actually the attitude or feeling that you are not better than anyone else since you have no special importance. It’s basically not having too much pride. But isn’t having a lack of pride a bad thing? The answer is straightforward if you only think about the people who are too proud and let their pride influence their life. They lose more than they win with their pride. Such people might think of humility as a weakness instead of a strength, but they are wrong.

A type of modesty called humility is something that can get you far as a person, and even as a leader. People who lack humility are often arrogant. Such people think only of themselves and consider themselves to be better than all the others. Thinking that way is harmful cause it lives no room for growth. How can an arrogant person improve themselves when they aren’t aware of their flaws? Life is a journey whose goal is to grow and to learn. Being humble is all about having a growth mindset. Pride doesn’t let people grow, and therefore they can not achieve much.

Are you ready to start being humble? Here are a few tips on how to achieve that. You’ve made the right choice when you decided to put your pride aside and let humility into your life. You will be able to grow, learn, and advance once you are humble. It’s a beautiful virtue only the best of people have. Let’s see how you can become one of them.

  1. Realize that your understanding is limited and embrace it

All of us humans are limited in our understanding. We have different minds, talents, and experiences. So, individually, we are able to comprehend only a unique and tiny fraction of the world we live in. However, together, we have a much better view of our Universe. One of the humble people’s characteristics is that they realize that their understanding is actually limited, and they embrace it. What’s the result of that, you wonder? Well, you become wise enough to search for answers outside of yourself.

  1. Accept your position as a small piece of a giant puzzle

Every human being has an inherent value. To become humble, you need to realize that you hold no more importance or value than the next person. Start appreciating the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around you and accept your position as a small piece of a giant puzzle. Only then will you become humble.

  1. Someone else’s opinion isn’t wrong just cause it’s different

You need to respect others as well as their opinions in order to become humble. Realize that just because someone’s opinion is different than yours doesn’t mean that they are wrong. Don’t start a dialogue assuming that opinions different than yours must be wrong. Sure, they could be wrong, but it’s definitely not because they’re different than yours. Be open to hearing other people’s thoughts, and don’t always think that you got it all figured out. Your opinion might turn out to be the wrong one, so don’t just reject all the other opinions.

  1. Don’t talk as much as you’re listening

Humble people like to spend less time being understood and more time understanding. What that means is that they aren’t the ones who just nod along and eagerly wait for their turn to speak. They actually actively listen to the other person and stay engaged and present in the conversation. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and just let the other person feel good about themselves when they’re talking to you.

  1. Put yourself in their shoes and withhold judgments

It seems that the easiest way to win any argument is making sweeping judgments about the intentions of the person you’re arguing with. It’s also the most damaging way. Being humble is all about putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their point of view. Try to see where they’re coming from instead of judging them. Don’t seek to win but to get a better understanding of others and the world you live in.

  1. Find joy in helping others grow and succeed

Being humble is about realizing that both of you win when you help a person grow and thrive. Spend more time helping others, and you’ll see that you’re becoming more humble. It all starts in your heart and remember that you have a lot to offer.

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