Human Cruelty- A worse case of Humanity

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 2, 2019

We have always been watching movies of genocides, humans hunting humans, hating, excruciating and brutal killing. It seems unbelievable as to how someone kills another being of his kind in such a cold-blooded manner. This is not just limited to movies, in reality, it is true and can be called the worst form of humanity. Does it happen that you feel better when something bad happens to your colleague at the workplace who has long been your competitor?

Background of the Theme

Jews were taken as rats by Nazis during the holocaust. The slaves were being considered subhuman animals by their masters and many underwent inhumane treatment as well. After the cruel episode, humanity planned to decide the process of dehumanization because it was when the formal doors for genocide and cruelty were opened.

Humans tend to harm and cause pain to others for the sake of seeking pleasure. If someone is hurt, it should naturally cause feeling of pain. Normally people out of retaliation or self-defence harm others. Researchers are of the view that there are mainly two reasons why people hurt others, First, they enjoy seeing others in pain. Second, they cannot empathize and feel the pains of others. Sometimes, people feel threatened when they find it hard to harm others in their financial and social statuses.

What fosters cruelty in Humans?

Psychologists have long been working on this phenomenon and have pointed out certain reasons for human cruelty. some known causes are:

People from other clans are threatening. It has always been human history to find cruelty in others. Individuals perceive other humans from different groups as cruel, minors, and low in status. For instance, one group of people in an organization will view people of the other group as threatening, and exercise dehumanizing behaviour with them.

The Matter with Karma. Humans tend to believe in karma a lot and are of the view that if anything bad happens with someone, it is because they deserve to have bad. Humans are hypocrites and exhibit selfish behaviours towards others.

Fear of saying NO to cruelty. There may be some reasons why people don’t stand and say NO to cruelty happening in front of them. It could be a fear element and reluctance to say that “the behaviour is Not Acceptable”. It is like a vicious circle that repeats itself. Anyone speaking against cruelty can become the next victim. Thus, the fear prevents one from calling spade a spade and foster such an attitude amongst them.

People’s Belief in the world. People tend to believe that the world is ideal, people are good and they ignore the bad, cruel behaviour shown by some people. It is like we turn ourselves away from the evil, ignore and free ourselves of any blame.

How Envy leads to cruelty. When an individual is envious of other’s success, wealth, position, or status, it leads to the formulation of evil thinking leading to false action. It is similar to social comparison theory which states that the accomplishment and success of others determine how one derives his behaviour towards others. It can lead to either positive or negative behaviour and accordingly make one envious of happiness towards others.

Are Humans Cruel?

One school of thought is of the view that nature can never be cruel. It is the interpretation by humanity that the concept of human cruelty was invented. For instance, if an animal kills another animal to save its life, it is not cruelty. Similarly, if a cat ends up eating a mouse for its survival, one cannot call It cruelty. It’s the human who calls these cruel, whereas, in the eyes of nature, it is survival and life cycle.

So we can safely assume that human is cruel and at the same time not cruel, everything depends upon nature and the situation under which the action is planned. Yes, humanity has given way to cruelty. A child cannot be cruel if he snatches a toy from a fellow child or is he steps on the tail of his dog. An individual learns the concept in his/her youth, whereas the same action becomes decisions at an older age. Thus, human cruelty might be an invention of humans, but it depends upon the capability of humans to overcome it.

Defining Humanity in the world of Cruelty

In nutshell, humans are cruel and kindness is a learned behaviour. Since the inception of humanity, humans have destroyed, killed, manipulated, and plotted others for personal gains either emotional or material. War is a common entity in society. Every nation has had leaders who manipulate, lie for their materialistic gain. Studying the major religions of the world, each has a golden rule of helping others, showing empathy. It is how you interpret the world around you and suppress the animal in you to make this world a better place to live.

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