How to learn patience

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 21, 2020

What is patience?

The word patience itself is derived from the word “Pati,” which means to endure or to suffer. Patience is the control over your emotions and feelings under conditions such as anxiety, excitement, and grief. When anyone talks of patience, it seems to be a small deal, but it is much harder to practice then said. In our daily life, the life full of changes and difficulties patience becomes something significant. We quickly expect people around us to be patient but generally do not practice being one when it comes to us.

Why are we having this problem? The problem of being “impatient.”


The main reason I blame for us being so impatient is our lifestyle. The life we have these days is one in which we expect everything to be quick and fast. Everything these days either be it your way of communicating, your way of traveling, your way of eating, and it may sound funny, but yes, your way of sleeping even has got fast.

We have changed so much that also we expect our pizza to be delivered within 30 minutes. People are in a hurry to get their jobs after finishing their education as soon as possible after they get a post from the first day at work, the target changes for a quick promotion. We are impatient because we expect things to be fast and easy for us, that is human nature nowadays.


This is not just a word, but it is the answer to everything that we do in this modern world. In these times when you get out for shopping, you do not just buy things at first glance usually. What you do is compare. Even a small child needs his new dress better as compared to his friend. This comparing of things creates pressure in your mind of gaining better facilities to be better than the other one and hence creates a feeling of impatience in you.

For a small example, when you realize your neighbor has a significant and better car than what you have, this makes you wish for a better one than of his. Hence creating an atmosphere that makes you out of control with your emotions each time you think of the car thus creates impatience.


Something, which is ruling our life, is expectations. We expect many things, which are not limited to us, but we also do expect with others in our lives. Relationships in my view these days are one of the best examples of this. People often expect their partners to be there for them every time they need them, they expect their partners to be according to what they imagine, and this is why 90% of relationships do not last long.

We expect everything, and we expect everywhere, it is either your workplace or home. It ultimately creates an unsatisfactory and a disturbing feeling with your mind. Once you do not have your peace of mind, you become out of patience in everything you do as you want each of your life events to be perfect and as imagined by you.

How to learn the art of keeping patience?

· The main problem with an individual being impatient is not realizing or accepting it. So instead of arguing with people on the topic and making a useless explanation, accept it by analyzing yourself

· Compare but know what and when to compare. Comparing is something you can do even with the world’s richest man, but that would be illogical. One should always know the limits at different stages of his life. You can compare with the richest man but first, make a proper plan and become as efficient as he becomes. It is a waste of time and shattering of hopes when you compare a fish with a bird on their ability to fly.

· Stop expecting at all. Sometimes though, it is reasonable to expect of yourself but never do expect anything from others. This makes it easy for you to face the results of your tasks. It reduces the pressure, which you had while you were dependent on others, and creates a healthy and peaceful mind.

· Try slowing down your fast life and take a day where you make patience as the main target of the day. Whenever you feel impatient, try to breathe slowly and think every action you do, try asking yourself questions about what is right or wrong.


Finally, I will say patience is not a thing that you learn. It is an aspect of a healthy and disciplined life. A person who has patience in every work he does is always satisfied, and everyone in this greedy world needs only one thing that is satisfaction. Hence, patience is a key to satisfaction.

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