How to get out of a rut?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2020

Automatic negative thoughts do come in our mind without any reason. Our experiences make us fall in the same pit repeatedly. There is no doubt that our mind continues to think frequently and the thoughts unconsciously make us uncomfortable from time to time in similar situations due to our experiences.

What is a rut?

This simply means being stuck in a situation.There is a feeling of fear and failure that hold us back from moving forward, facing situations and overcoming the issues.This is similar to your cycle being stuck in a muddy hole.

How to find when you are in a state of a rut?

Our mind may have several frequent thoughts about the delay in trying out new tasks, changing routine or going somewhere where you never visit before. Think about taking a new road or route while you drive a vehicle.

What causes it?

There are many reasons behind it; two of the most common are as follows:

The thoughts you have about the certain activity is not realistic, you simply assume because you have faced it before

You are gaining some sort of benefit from this situation, for example, it is easier for you to continue doing nothing

Why is it important to get rid of it?

Life is constantly changing every moment. Success is determined with the movement you do on a daily basis. To complete learning a new skill for example playing the guitar needs your effort and practice. The same rule applies here, to get out of a rut keep moving in some direction because this is the purpose of being alive in this universe. Only dead fish remains idle.

Plan all that you want

Planning is the first step while trying to get out of any difficult situation. To plan the most effective strategy, start with self-analysis by asking simple questions to yourself and get the answers from your own observation. Make a list of all those people, places, experiences and situations that may threaten you from going outside of your comfort zone and repetitive pattern. Find your purpose of moving out of the situation in which you are stuck so that you will have lots of motivation for your productive behavior.

Stay active as much as possible

Activity list is something you need to feel happy and comfortable after you plan about moving out of the rut. Avoid the things that have been holding you from making progress and schedule a daily activity plan for yourself. An example is:

Fill the gaps in your daily routine, suppose you have no work to do between these slots-

10:00 am (plan to go out for the daily grocery)

12:30 pm (you may do a dance or draw something)

6:00 pm (you can play a cards game with a friend or go out on a walk with a friend)

8:30 pm (you can play an instrument or write a journal)

Fill your inner world

Our inner world is regulated by faith, faith in the universe, goodness, positivity, peace and we need to show gratitude day by day or many times a day to help ourselves in boosting self-confidence, trust, compassion and kindness while helping others and sometimes by self-help.

Meditate daily twice a day, in the morning and evening 20 minutes each to chant a mantra about something that you need for example “O’ universe please push me forward to a better place in this world, between better people where I love myself”.

Mark a line between you and other people

Staying connected to family and friends is a good idea but too much of everything is bad. Fix a specific amount of time that you want to spend with other people. Outline some flexible rules and boundaries for those who are in your life and communicate to them how important is it for you to have your time alone. Care about self is the initiative that you care about others as well. Give a healthy break to all of them including you!

Control by response

Majority of the complications arise from an emotional and unhealthy response.The response can be a word, an action or a gesture.Make a habit of holding yourself from any kind of response in all the situations you are uncomfortable in. relax, take a deep breath once and pause for a few seconds before you speak, react or interact with anyone who is communicating with you.

During meetings, you can officially ask for some time before you share your views about something.It is possible to unstick yourself psychologically so that you will move physically.


Everything is possible in this world. Human beings must realize that the true power to heal from any problem is to make intention and act accordingly.

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