How to get good sleep?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2020

Young women in bed getting a good sleep. Resting and relaxing in bed.

Good sleep is one of the human beings basic needs. Let us find out how to sleep well daily for overall health benefits.

Importance of good sleep

Good sleep is beneficial for body functioning, cognition, immunity and relationship effectiveness. A sleepy person is usually unable to do something adequately.

How much is enough?

An average a person needs 7 hours of sleep every 24 hours but it may be more or less based on age, habits, occupation etc.

Know when you are sleepy and respect this feeling

Remember how many times do you yawn, feel the need to rest, and close your eyes during work. These are the signs when your body tells you to rest and take a nap. There is no need to only sleep for a long time. You can also do this for short duration many times a day so that your mind will be activated again after waking up.

Maintain a sleep hygiene diary

Buy a small diary or a sleep journal, you can also download and print the pages that will help you in noting down the timings when you go to bed and when you leave out the bed so you can calculate the time.

Only use the bed for sleep

Each time you lay on your bed you may sleep but using the bed for anything other than sleep might associate you for doing many other tasks on your bed and this will interfere with your ability to sleep. Only go to bed when you are sleepy and your time for bed comes up.

Make sure your sleeping area is comfortable

The sleeping area consists of bedding, linen and the pillow. This must be of suitable cloth and comfort so that your body feels rest and complete relaxation. Pillow must be of a comfortable height and this must be chosen with care. Make sure your bedding is according to the climate of the location where you lives and the room temperature suits to the material you choose for your bedroom, curtain, bed, cushions, pillow and so on.

Fix the room temperature

As we need comfortable bed cloth, we need a comfortable room temperature. This is because we must sleep without any disturbance due to irritability, sweating, heating or coldness.

Wear comfortable clothes

Prepare a nightgown or a shirt and pajama that is loose and allow air and comfort for your body while you change positions in your nightdress on your bed.

Take a warm bath

A warm bath is a very good idea to soothe your senses before you sleep. As you wash your body in a warm bath, you will feel how easily you can sleep as compared to when you do not dip your skin in warm water.

Avoid liquid consumption before sleep

Some foods resist sleep there is a need to control the amount of liquid that you consume before sleep because this will lead you to pee and that will interrupt the sleep. For many people, the interruption in sleep makes it difficult to sleep back deeply. Do not eat caffeine-containing foods and don’t drink caffeine or energy drinks and eat something soothing like warm milk and dates.

Avoid exercise before sleep

Make sure your sleep time must be at least 2 hours away from your exercises timings. For example, your sleep time is 10 pm you must not do any sort of exercise after 7 pm however; you can stretch and lightly can meditate before sleep. Relaxation exercises and muscle relaxation is helpful.

When unable to sleep, start an activity

Good idea is to leave your bed if you find yourself unable to sleep for 15 minutes after you lay on the bed and ready to sleep.

Switch off your electronic devices

This is possible that you can at least silent your phone, tabs and shut off the TV etc. this needs practice and you can daily reduce 5 minutes of your day that you spend on such devices.

Use humidifier and relaxation music

Eyes need dim lights, the body needs comfort, the nose needs soothing smell and ears need the relaxing and light music. This is what you all need for restful sleep.

Take help from digital applications

This is an additional help that you can take from mobile phone applications. You can download a digital application and track your sleeping hours on that before sleep and after waking up. This is what you will automatically receive.


The quality of your sleep must be the priority rather than counting hours and forcing oneself to sleep for a longer time. When your body feels rested and there is no sign of fatigue after you wake up, this means the sleep is complete. Make it a smooth experience.

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