How to deal with change

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2020

Our life is a constant flow of various kinds of unlimited changes. Our metabolism changes as we get older, seasons change, the Sun goes up and down - everything in the universe keeps changing its state. We do not even notice most of the changes that passing by us every day. Most of us have much more exciting things to do.

However, suddenly may arise the moment, when the renovations that happened with you may strike you back very painfully. Your wife or husband may die, they may leave you, or suddenly you will discover that you have cancer. Any of those problems and much more others may potentially make you feel yourself badly for an extremely long time. That is why it is genius to understand beforehand how to deal with such kind of changes effectively. Just to be prepared in case if something wrong will happened.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

If you feel that you cannot handle changes on your own, if you have various dark thoughts, including suicidal, if you experience a sings of depression, you need to ask for help. It is not necessary to go to a psychiatrist right afterwards, but you probably should talk about that with your friends and family members. Untimely asking for help may cost you a lot of health, time and money.

Increase Your Activity Level

It is rarely possible that you will accept any changes if you will continually lie on the cozy couch, crying and watching TV shows. Tears of sorrow will not help. Everybody knows that, but for some reason, not everybody understands that make actions is the primary key to feel much better. See some friends, go to the gym, work an extra few hours, clean your house, play the guitar, just do not stick on your thoughts. Any physical or intellectual activity will do, but the most significant effect will have unusual types.

Understand Life Instability

You probably noticed that your life consists with not only black times, or white times. Life is like a zebra who has alternating stripes. It always the white line that arrives after the black one, and vice versa. Nothing is constant in this world. So as your state. When you grasp this natural and undeniable postulate, it will be much easier for you to deal with any unpleasant, painful or crushing changes that your life ever brings to you.

Don’t Be Obsessed With Your Future

Too many thoughts about your future may be extremely harmful when you are dealing with any painful changes in your life. Do not allow yourself to be stacked on ideas like: “How everything would be now after that happened? What should I do next to live my life? Is that even possible to keep going? Etc.” When you are experiencing any kind of change, live in the present day. Too many self-digging and thoughts about the future will only make everything worse.

Silence Your Consciousness

it`s an excellent opportunity to practice mindfulness and different yoga techniques when you need to accept any changes that occur in your life. Silencing your mind is the primary technique used during the meditation process, so it would be suitable for you to practise it too. The main goal is to stop your brain from producing different harmful, self-destroying and unpleasant thoughts and switch them into a totally nothing. Sometimes silence is the best music, as everybody knows. It seems to me that it works with thoughts as well.

Speak to People Who Already Done With It

The most significant way to understand that any kind of circumstance may be successfully dealt with is to get in touch with someone who already experienced that situation before. Ask them about their feelings at that time. Try to understand what helped them to leftover changes you are trying to deal with. You may get a bunch of valuable information during a conversation of that kind. You will easily find the thematically forums, groups on Facebook and meetings IRL where everybody is sharing their experience with others.

Remember Your Past Success

If you think that seldom likely for you to successfully deal with this particular change, then you need to remember your previous life history. That you are successfully live through definitely many different obnoxious, harmful, painful situations. Understand that you can handle anything literally because if you are not, then how it is even possible that you are successfully lived such a long life before this particular change came? What doesn`t kill you makes you stronger! You are already pretty tough, and when you pass by this change, you will become even tougher!

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