How to do cold calling to find leads

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 18, 2019

Cold calling can be stressful and you can receive lots of rejection. It can feel defeating and unproductive. With enough practice, it can be an effective marketing strategy. Many sales people fear cold calling this can only mean that if you do it and well you can reap greater rewards. A phone call is a much richer medium than an email or mail that is easy to delete or toss in the trash. Most people are too polite to just hang up and if you use the right words, you just might get their attention.


Prepare a script of what you will say. How will you convince them to buy? Think of any possible responses that a prospect may have so you have a reply. Make sure you have a goal in mind. Have a good strong hook to your opening statement. Know your script so well so it sounds natural.

Do Research

Do not be random about whom to call. Develop a targeted list of prospects. Know who makes the decisions. Know when to call, the time of day or if it is seasonal the time of year. Do internet research including social media. Learn as much about prospects. Speak their language of the industry. Personalize the call know their business and industry and why they may need your product or service. Spending the time upfront researching and targeting ideal prospects leads to greater success and less frustration.


Try recording yourself not just audio but video too. Playback the video, do you look and sound professional? What can you improve on? Use visual imagery. Fill up a wall in your office with large flow diagrams and images to jog your memory. Create a comfortable environment.

When making calls look your best and smile as if speaking to someone in person. Act like you would give a presentation. Try using a mirror to have someone to “talk to”. You can even use a photo of a loved one, an easy sell, and talk to them. Stand up and move around.

Practice repeatedly.


Schedule a block of one to two hours devoted to prospecting. Make it a routine to become better.

Use your script. Get to the point and do not waste their time. Say what you have to say then move on, 2-3 minutes maximum.

Be warm, professional and remain friendly. Ask questions to make sure the prospect qualifies for what you are trying to sell. Try to make a personal connection or shared interest. Have a pen and paper ready to jot notes and contact detail.

Ask them if they are interested. You need to identify if it is a hard sell, medium or easy. You do not want to force it only show that you can help. Too hard, move on. Medium, you may need to send more information. Easy, sign them up right away.

Thank them for their time. Point them to where they can get more information if needed. Many may reject that is why it is important to keep calling.

Post call

After the call summarize and add in as much detail as you can. Stay organized and keep good records. Follow up with sales materials. Take breaks after a dozen or so calls.

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