How to be a good sales leader? 5 key features

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 13, 2019

There is no doubt that a good salesperson can make all the difference in closing a deal with the customer, but it is true that without a sales leader to motivate, teach and direct the team to the best results, there would hardly be excellent salespeople. But how do you find people with the right characteristics? Or rather,how to be a good sales leader?

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How to be a good sales leader?

It is necessary that this professional, in addition to sales skills, has:


The assumption for the performance of any seller should be thorough knowledge about the products or services being sold.

Knowing its technical characteristics , its operation, its implications, its results, its guarantee, technical assistance, what stands out in relation to competitors and what are its greatest qualities are information that every salesperson must have at the tip of the tongue, and, for this, there needs to be a leader behind him to guide him about what he does not know.

That is, the leader must know more than his sellers about everything that revolves around the sale, in order to complement the data that the seller does not have or knows poorly.

It should not only cherish and encourage rhetoric and persuasion but seek to provide consistent and truthful information to customers through its sales team.


1.Knows and likes to deal with people

A sales leader needs to be open, interested, and naturally willing to socialize. This is because it will deal with a team of salespeople and also with the consumer public.

As much as he has many qualities and skills in this area, he needs to be aware that good results are not unilateral or product only of his talent, but depend on a number of people around him that contribute to his success.

  1. Develop and empower your team

The good results of the team managed by a leader in the sales area will depend on how it develops, empowers and encourages them with sales skills and knowledge.

Before becoming the leader of the team, he certainly worked as a salesman, took note of theoretical studies and went through various situations that can now be passed on to team members.

Sharing this information as well as encouraging constant learning - which should even begin with the leader himself - will be important for both team results and customer satisfaction, and therefore business growth.

  1. It motivates sellers to overcome the challenges of everyday life

In day-to-day work as a salesperson, many unpleasant and challenging situations can happen, and they can naturally demotivate the team.

A sales leader transforms these challenges into learning and the mistakes into opportunity to know better what to do.

A leader is not an authoritative boss who rebukes and imposes fear on his employees, but one who teaches the ways and motivates overcoming the challenges.

  1. Support behavior change through example, feedback, and targeting

A sales leader serves as an example and motivation for an entire team, and encourages more cooperation than competition.

He relies on the skills of his salespeople, but when it is needed, he knows how to direct them and put the need for behavior change, making it clear that this is important for better results.

Leaders aggregate rather than segregate, which is perceived not only by team members, but also by partners and customers, further enhancing their success.

  1. Knows how to analyze the Sales Score and Act with each salesperson to reach the goal

To be aleader in the sales arena, you need to be able to diagnose and deliver individual solutions to each salesperson for the purpose of better results, with leading training programs and corporate education focused on sales.

Based on statistical analysis and pre-established goals, the leader develops and tracks action plans to increase sales productivity, giving exact references to each vendor on what strategies to adopt to achieve their goals.

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