How to Unlock the Champion Mindset within You?

Darryl Bachmeier
Sep 6, 2019

What Is a Champion Mindset?

A Champion mindset, as the name implies, is a state of mind that enables the person to become a victor of their goals and ambitions by acquiring and being dead set on the conviction to be the very best.

The training your mind to be disciplined and steadfast to the harshness of reality and trying to reach the top by endurance and strength one can only attain by believing in oneself.

Difference between the Mundane and a Champion Mindset

When we listen to the story of the greatest in history, our minds wander off to their ambitions to achieve those goals.

  • How did they do it?
  • How did they achieve it?
  • How did they stay committed to their goal?

To the ordinary and mundane minds, this seems like a tale, a fable that is far beyond their grasp. But to a champion, that’s a blueprint to a successful life.

A mundane mind gives up on one failure, whereas a person with a champion mindset learns from their failures, conquers their fiascos, and turns them around to huge successes.

The mundane dreams, whereas the champion achieves.

You need to see where you land, because if you know that you are destined to succeed, then this is an ode to you.

Success Stories – Prodigious Minds with a Champion Mindset

There is no shortage of great people and their awe-inspiring stories and how they climbed to success. Let’s list some of the greatest: Alexander The Great – The greatest army general, conquer, and leader. Walt Disney – The epitome of animation and entertainment. Helen Keller – Disabled author, lecturer, and activist. Martin Luther King – One of the most prominent civil rights activists of America. Albert Einstein – German Scientist that developed modern Physics. Bill Gates – The genius that molded the revolution of the computer. Steve Jobs – Creator of Apple, the unique and innovative technological franchise. Mark Zuckerberg – Creator of Facebook, the one who made worldwide connections easier. Jeff Bezos – known as the owner of Amazon and also The richest man on earth. Cristiano Ronaldo – One of the greatest footballers and the first footballer to become a billionaire. Billie Eilish – The youngest Grammy Award winner to sweep all the top categories.

How to Achieve a Champion Mindset?

A champion mindset is not something that comes with ease. It requires discipline, unlike any other, and determination that can beat all odds. You too can achieve the champion mindset by following some key approaches.

Attain Mindfulness

Reach a position where your mind is ready to bear all obstacles. To get to any position, you first must prepare your mind. Mindfulness can be achieved in various ways:

  • Mediation (unlock your internal dedication and peace)
  • Affirmations (verbally remind yourself of your goals and worth)
  • Journaling (Write down your dreams, goals, and aspirations)

Break Bad Habits

Try to get rid of all of the habits that are dragging you behind. You do not need them to be a liability on yourself. You can achieve that by using the 21-day rule.

The 21-day rule is a psychological phenomenon that entails for a person to change a habit they want to lose and replace it with another habit that can be beneficial instead of being destructive.

Create Opportunities

Not everyone is handed opportunities on a silver platter, you have to work for them. Work hard, do your part, find ways that will slowly but surely take you to the top.

Socialize With The Right People

Identify the people that can help you to achieve the goals you want to reach. Getting to know people in the industry that you want to flourish in can be a ticket to a higher position.

Dress to Impress

Dress like the people you want to emulate in your life. Dressing like the part puts the person in the mindset to achieve excellence.

Find a Blueprint

Your idols can be your blueprint to success. Take notes from the people on the top and use them to your advantage.

Be the Jack of All Trades

Learn skills that aid you in your cause. Skills are the key that separates you from others.

Practice and Determination

Practice makes perfect and determination takes you to the top.


A champion mindset can be achieved through hard work and willpower. A champion seeks the best for their cause and that is what separates them from the mundane minds. Keep dreaming high and achieving even higher by trusting in the process and building your place to the top of the ladder.

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