How to Remove Clutter From Your Home In No Time

Darryl Bachmeier
Sep 4, 2019

In general, over 48% of people have clutter in their homes which makes them feel embarrassed. You are reading this, so we know that you have the same problem. A good thing is a fact we can provide you simple tips that will help you solve this issue once it for all and do all of that in no time. These tips are easy, simple, and can be used in any possible scenario.

It is easy and it is possible, believe in it

Yes, you can declutter your home. This isn’t something extremely complicated and it isn’t something you need to invest months of the time. Most of us have been living in clutter loaded homes for decades so we believe that having a completely opposite place to live is impossible. Don’t believe in that and start with the process as soon as you can. The benefits are massive as you shall see after using these tips.

Start with small things that are junk and nothing more

Your home probably has hundreds if not thousands of items inside that are useless. The first thing to do is to start with small things, with a drawer for example. Throw away all old batteries, magazines, broken toys, or anything else that you can see and know that you will never use it. Most of these items cannot be used, so there is no point in keeping them. Once you have completed a single drawer, move to the rest of the closet or a cabinet. In general, you should remove all the items that are stealing your time and your energy or don’t have any purpose at all.

You can see how easy this is. Once done, you can move to larger areas such as closets filled with clothes, garages, and obviously basements.

Give items to other people

This is a great way to remove clutter from your home. You will also feel better and you can help others with things that are 100% irrelevant to you. There are a few options here. You can give items to your friends or family, donate them or you can give them one per day. This will eliminate 365 items per year. For those who like profit, you can have a garage sale right now. You will eliminate clutter and make some money. The goal here is to get rid of things effectively.

Use 12-12-12 motto

This is a clever and interesting tip we like. The goal is to find 12 (or any number you like) items you will throw away, 12 you can give to other people, and 12 that can be returned. Considering the fact you have 1000 items that need to be checked, this will take time, but not as much as you may believe. The best part is the fact you can use this tip as many times as you like and it always works like a charm.

Try to see your house as a visitor coming over for the first time

Of them all, this has to be one of the most advanced tips and one that can make a massive difference. Go for a cup of coffee or a walk. Spend as much time as you can outside. When you come home, treat your house as if you are a first-time visitor. Write down all the impressions you get, all the things that are weird, look strange, or don’t have any purpose at all. Now you know the problems and you can declutter the home easier. The main thing to remember here is to stay objective and don’t be sentimental.

Use friends to help you

Although most of us will want a decluttered home, we are still sentimental and we don’t want to throw away all the things we don’t need. A friend is the ultimate solution to this problem. Ideally, you can call a few friends. They are more realistic and they can convince you to throw or donate more things. An interesting thing here is that you won’t feel sorry in the end. You can also give things to your friends and feel better. Try to set a few rules regarding which things are needed and should stay in the house and which ones should be thrown away.

Use method with 4 boxes

Here we have another, appealing method. Take 4 empty boxes and label them as move, keep, donate, and trash. Place all 4 boxes inside a room and start. Check and compare all the items you can see and place them in a suitable box. Don’t look again in the boxes! After that, do with the items as the labels on the boxes tell you.


Now you know how to remove clutter from your home. Yes, this takes some short period of time, but can be fun and can be mandatory. In return, you will get more free time, more energy can feel better and can also make some profit. Things and items you are not using now, you won’t use in the future so keeping them is pointless.

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