How to Not Pick Sides

Darryl Bachmeier
Sep 8, 2019

It would help if you never underestimate the impact that one decision can cause to your life. A single wrong decision can ruin a life, a career, or a relationship. For that reason, we must make the right decision to maintain peace and happiness in our lives.

There are times when confusion might feel the decision we would like to make. The pros and cons on both sides might be way too harsh for us to take. Hence, it would be best not to pick sides. In this post, we will learn essential factors on how not to pick sides. They include:

Pay Attention to Signs

The first rule is to open up to the most probable signs. The universe often offers us with specific guiding signs that we tend to ignore or even neglect. Some of these signals are obvious while others are hidden, but they are usually valuable to the decisions we make.

Anytime you recognize a sign that can help you make the right decision, do not dismiss it. You must learn to reflect on the potential message that it seeks to deliver and try not to get into arguments with any of the parties it involves. Therefore, do not pick sides.

Take Your Advice

We must learn to consider our advice before believing what other people say about it. We should base on our lifelong experiences to clarify our choices and fortify our wisdom. Some time ago, you might have made the same decision, so you know what is right for you.

Always check on previous life experiences to make present decisions. Check on the negativities of taking sides in any situation before you pick sides. Consider taking a sip from your general knowledge and consider what your heart believes is the right thing to do.

Keep your Conscience Clean

Any decision you make must set your mentality free. Ensure that the decision you make is suitable for all the parties and not one of the parties. Making a decision that hurts any of the parties can eventually turn them against you.

You must ensure that you consult your moral code any time you have doubts. All the same, make sure that you make clean choices that will keep your conscience clean.

Detach from Negative Emotions

Frustration, impatience, and fear can keep you stagnant for an extended period. It would help if you learned to eliminate all these emotions to move forward with the apt choices. Controlling our fears will allow us to make the right decisions with confidence.

If you develop patience, you will be able to wait for the right opportunities to decide. Besides, managing frustration will enable us to extend our perception. It would be best to eradicate all these emotions to decide aptly not to hurt any discussion parties.

Understand Your Influence

We must learn to develop confidence in our understanding. Most times, we turn to friends to help us decide tricky situations. This step can lead us directly to crossing the red flag and causing enmity with either of the parties. We must make decisions without external influence.

You must understand that picking sides can impact the other parties negatively. If it is a crucial decision that will affect the success and wellness of the other parties, you have all the reasons not choose sides.

Organize your Thoughts

Maintaining positive thoughts and diminishing the negative ones will enable us to make the right decisions. We must learn to organize our thinking abilities so that they can affect the decisions we make positively.

It would be best to ensure that we maintain positive thought when comparing any major parties involved in a decision. Negative thoughts can push us to pick sides, which can hurt some of the parties. This condition might result in hostility and a lousy relationship with the parties that your decision affects negatively.

Generally, picking sides is not often the right way to decide between crucial factors. It can negatively affect some of the parties and deter them from making further efforts in the future. It can result in enmity between you and the parties that the decision affects negatively.

Therefore, it would be best to make sure that you always avoid picking sides at all costs. This choice is the most probable way to take, especially for close friends and family. However, there are instances where you must always pick sides.

In such cases, you must focus more on the future than the present. Thus, you must learn to distinguish between short-term benefits and long-term ones. Considering all the factors we discussed in this post will enable you to decide rightly.

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