How to Motivate a Sales Team in 4 Steps

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 14, 2019

We all need motivation and inspiration to stay on the road to success. In sales, it is no different! Sales professionals, even the most experienced, need to be always motivated to keep their productivity up. Then learnhow to motivate a sales teamand achieve better results.

The key to motivating sales professionals is primarily to find the tools they need to make the most of their potential and to create an environment conducive to the group’s professional and personal development and growth.

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How to Motivate a 4 Step Sales Team


Make sure that the sales professional wins with the company with each new business that he closes. To do this, set sales- by-production goals and relate commissions to those goals.

In fact, one of the most effective strategies to motivate sellers is often a financial incentive. If you pay your salesperson a higher commission than your competitor, you still show your employee that, in addition to being important, his work is valued in your organization - a great way to retain talent in your company.


Show your salesperson that he must have concrete goals and set goals beyond those set by the company.

You must have personal goals that can be allied to your professional yearnings. Thus, selling more means not only achieving the goal set by the business but also conquering dreams in your private life.


Keep your staff trained: this way, in addition to educating your professionals so that they work better and better, you show that the company cares about them and wants them to always be at their best.

Sellers will be safer, more efficient and more assertive in the sales process.

Offer regular trainings and make sure they meet the real needs of your business.

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This is important so that you can pass on to your sales team your goals for the next few days, give feedback on the work being done, explain what opportunities will be worked on, and what difficulties you may face.

Enjoy valuing, before all, those who have strived to give their best, and launch competitive challenges to streamline the routine.

In addition, at this time, it is essential that both leaders and other employees speak during the meeting because when they feel they have no influence on what happens in the company, employees tend to become discouraged. That is: listen to them and show that their opinion also matters.

Of course, there are commitments that sellers can not miss - such as pieces of training and team meetings - but on a daily basis, it is important for each salesperson to work his routine.

When your business sets goals and the salesperson achieves them, there is usually no difference in the order in which each sales professional will organize your schedule.

Follow-up should always be done only to ensure that final objectives are achieved, without taking this freedom away from the seller.

Invest in your salespeople and see the results reflecting the quality of the professionals and your organization’s turnover!

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