How to Maintain Long-term Focus

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 12, 2020

Humans are bound to be distracted in our daily lives and forget about our future goals, targets, and plans; in Today’s world, where lots of social media apps and television shows are there to distract us. We often forget that our procrastination is making us unproductive; we keep on delaying our pending work and complete it at the last hours.

We also lose motivation and hope because of our distracted minds. So, the main focus is, “What should we do when we are postponing all our work for our future activities?”

The answer is, to be a pro at remaining focused and goal-oriented, we need to follow this step by step guidelines;

Leave your comfort zone

As easy as it might sound to you, it is not. To be a focused person, the first step is to get out of the comfort zone. All of us are so used to daily life that we get in a little bubble of our comfort zone from where we do not want to leave. We keep on watching Netflix, playing video games, or doing unproductive activities.

We eat, sleep, study, and repeat. We do not think about the circumstances of a dull and boring life. Life is nothing if you do not have the money or skills to make money, so, for a better lifestyle, you should keep in mind the outcome of not working and procrastinating. Get up from your sleep to do one productive activity in the whole day, it will help you get used to doing it every day, and your working level will increase with time.

Strategize your goals

A goal can be anything you want to achieve in a specific period. Most of the time; Goals are attainable, but distraction keeps us away from achieving them. So, you should get yourself a planner or a notebook, note down your strategies for the whole week, even for the easy tasks. Noting all these tasks will help you determine your progress and evaluate working more towards that goal. Note down your weekly goals like due dates for assignments, shopping lists, budget your whole week.

Finances also matter a lot when you have to work alone to make both ends meet. If you are an entrepreneur who is working towards achieving a set of goals at a specific time, you should focus on achieving it.

Reward yourself

When you are working according to your organized plan, you should treat yourself with small rewards or gifts. Take out some time for your well-being, buy that product you always wanted to have! A little token of self-love does not harm you. Instead, it encourages you to be more productive towards achieving more. One of the things that adulthood should teach you is the importance of self-love and self-motivation. When you spend some money on your wellness, it keeps you focused and helps your mental health-being.

Buy that dress that shined bright in your eyes or that watch you wanted to gift someone. These small gifts of victory can brighten up your whole week, letting you set even tighter goals for the next so that you can get even more things you’re dreaming to have.

#Take mental breaks

The concept of working 365 days is unrealistic. We humans are not made to be robots. We need a break from things if our mental health is being affected by our work. Sometimes, our goals are so explicit that they require even more hardworking; not everyone can be that ideal.

We are bound to get tired in between our work and lose focus.

At that point in your life, you should not break your goals by thinking they are unattainable. You should accept your way of handling the process and give yourself short breaks in between that period. Taking a break does not mean leaving everything for years or months; it just means that you should organize yourself at that point in your life and take the much-needed break according to your working process.

Learn from mistakes

Most of the time, we lose our focus on a specific task or goal because we think that we do not have to ability to achieve it. Because of our previous encounters and errors, our mind negatively impacts us to stop working. In a situation like this, you should accept that all of us make mistakes, and running away from them will not help us achieve the goals.

The only way to achieve your stated goals is by reacting positively to your mistakes and try your best to rectify them. Most people take their talent and skill for granted and leave their respective work or project just because they did not excel. The main idea behind learning from mistakes is to be able to perform well in the future.

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