How to Ensure Job Satisfaction?

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 12, 2019

Right from our childhood, we are taught about the importance of a job and how a successful and happy life is associated with a well-settled job. But does every job gives us the happiness and satisfaction that we always dream of? Or does every organization become a source of satisfaction for every employee?

Most people are satisfied with their jobs when their work is according to their interests and passion. While some people relate their happiness and job satisfaction to the organization and the people they work with.

Since we spend most of our time at work, this means an organization can either make us feel contented or dissatisfied with the work we do whether it’s of our interest or not.

Role of Organization in Job Satisfaction

Finding a job isn’t a success, but finding an organization that ensures job satisfaction. An organization where we find a supportive environment and supportive people around that are ready to join hands with you to make the organization successful.

From the perspective of an organization, job satisfaction is really important to retain employees. Happy and satisfied employees are like the brand ambassadors of their companies. It’s one of the key goals of HR is to ensure job satisfaction for every employee. Because if an organization fails to make its employees happy at their workplace, it might lose its hardworking and diligent employees to other organizations.

Job satisfaction is what makes the employees more loyal to their companies and take pride in their jobs. Once the employees are satisfied with their company and co-workers, they will always be ready to go the extra mile to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.

Why do Organizations Fail at Employee Satisfaction?

Most organizations take initiatives to ensure job satisfaction for their employees, but not all can attain this goal. This is because many factors influence the job satisfaction of an employee.

It could either be related to the lack of interest in the work assigned to the employee or it could be related to lower pay despite more working hours. Sometimes, people are dissatisfied with their jobs due to the belittling behavior of their bosses or co-workers.

This happens because people spend most of their time with their bosses and co-workers compared to their family and friends. Any bad social experience in the workplace can greatly influence their overall satisfaction with the job.

This means job satisfaction doesn’t just come from the interest or passion of an employee, but it’s also associated with the place where they work, the pay they get for the work done, and most importantly, the people they work under and work with.

Studies suggest that even if you are doing a job that is of less interest to you, you might still be satisfied because of the support and behavior of your bosses and the management. This satisfaction comes because you feel more valued and motivated to strive hard and achieve the targets.

What factors affect Job Satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is important for both the company and its employees. It ensures lower turnover, higher productivity, and loyalty from the employees towards their organization. That’s why it’s the responsibility of the HR professionals to identify the factors that can enhance employees’ satisfaction and motivate them to play their part in the overall success of the company.

The organizations can look into the following key factors to ensure job satisfaction for their employees:

Trust and Respect

Trust and integrity lay the foundation of the success of an organization. Employees want to feel trusted and respected for the effort they put in for an organization. The employees who feel more valued and respected in their workplace are more loyal to their companies.

If the employees and the senior management lack the factor of trust, they can’t run the organization successfully.

Job Security

Job security is what every employee expects from any organization. If they’re always in wonder whether their job is secure or not, they might not be able to utilize their full potential to accomplish their projects.

Competitive and healthy workplace

Workplaces that offer a positive, healthy environment to the employees ensure more employee satisfaction. Employees prefer working at a workplace where they feel themselves safe, stress-free, and being a part of a diverse environment.

Moreover, employees are more satisfied with the job which ensures advancement in their careers. If there is no path forward in the job, employees will always be in a fix to switch to some other job or organization.

Salaries and Allowances

Salary and allowances are what everyone looks for the first time while finding their dream jobs. Competitive salaries and well-deserved allowances make employees feel contented and stick to their jobs. Similarly, employees expect higher wages and higher designation from the organization to take on high responsibilities that challenges their potential.

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