How to Enjoy Your Own Company

Darryl Bachmeier
Oct 22, 2020

Craving for some time with just yourself is not an unusual feeling. In fact, it seems like a necessity sometimes to take care of your mental health. Everyone should spend time with themselves away from others in peace. Then again, the idea of being alone is also scary. Not everyone is comfortable making a solo dinner reservation in a fancy restaurant, and it’s normal to feel uncomfortable. But, if you don’t spend enough time with yourself, you’ll never truly get familiar with your thoughts. Enjoying some alone time will help you let go of relationships and friendships that are toxic. A lot of people cling to toxic companions only because they are afraid to be alone. We know that you’re not a monk who wants to spend life in a mountain away from everyone (Although you might love a tour of the mountains). So, learning to enjoy your alone time might not be easy for you. We’re here with some suggestions that will help you.

Go on a Solo Tour

It might sound scary and challenging at first if you’ve never tried it before. But, most solo travelers agree that traveling solo makes them connect to nature in a much better way than it would in a group trip. You just have to accept that you’re your best friend, and you’re spending some quality time with your best friend. You’ll end up focusing on sightseeing which you wouldn’t be able to do if you were with a partner.

Talk to Yourself

No, you’re not crazy if you talk to yourself. If you didn’t do it yet, try! Everyone has a voice inside their head. That voice speaks for hours and we barely listen to it. Talking to that voice for a bit will soothe your mind and help you to be mindful. Talking to yourself will make you learn to be positive and being kind to yourself.

Go to Dinner Alone

Again, going to dinner alone at a fancy restaurant is a pretty daunting task to do. You might feel sad seeing people enjoying their time with their loved ones. But, give it a try! No one will judge you as you think. You’re your best friend, and that companion deserves a nice meal at a fancy place.

No More Relationship Hopping

If you didn’t find a perfect partner yet, don’t stress over it. All of your friends might have loveable partners and you don’t want to be the only single person. But, trust me, it’s not that bad! Being single has its perks. You get to do whatever you want, and you don’t have to balance your schedule with someone else’s. So, stop hopping into relationships until you’re really sure about someone.

Work on Self-improvement

If you don’t enjoy your own company, know that no one else will. So, improve yourself in every way you find convenient. Take those online classes you wanted, go to the gym again, finish that book you left halfway, work on your hobby again, watch some videos. Overall, polish your skills and knowledge however you can so that you have something interesting to do or think about when you’re alone.

Keep Your Mind Open to New Experiences

How many things are there you haven’t tried? I’m not talking about climbing Everest or going to the moon. Did you explore every corner of your city? Have you had a coffee from that coffee place you always go past? Did you talk to the person you meet every day on the bus? Point is, take control of your life, and drive through new experiences every day. Try out at least one new thing each day. You’ll end up having so many stories that your mind will become the best book ever!

Go After Dreams, Not People

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Astronaut? Ice-cream seller? Whatever it was, you have to admit that it made you feel happy whenever you thought of becoming that person you wanted to be. Now you’re an adult, you know your limitations and your thoughts are shaped by reality. But, the reality is not that boring as you’d think! You still have some dreams which can come true if you go after them. Now that you’re learning to be alone, you can work for your ambitions and dreams. Make a long-term plan and take short steps every day. Record your steps and make sure you don’t leave out any single steps.


Utilize this alone time to create an identity for yourself. Now that you’re not in a relationship anymore, find meaning to your existence by fulfilling your dreams. When your self-esteem will grow, you’ll never need anyone else to tell you about your worth. Learning to enjoy time with yourself will give you the freedom you’ve always wanted. When you learn to be comfortable with yourself, you’ll have control over your life. You will never have to think of others’ preferences and you’ll learn to have respect for yourself. Enjoying your own company will make you sufficient and you’ll always be able to follow your heart.

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