How to Be More Grateful

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Every single day of our life may bring us both troubles and lucky circumstances. The possibility of both is about equal. Maybe the next day you will get a raise, or your dog may die, who knows? Nobody. You have to be prepared for everything, and it will be better for you if you do not fall into depression when your career hits a bump.

We usually accept the gifts of fate with joy, and that is entirely okay. It is rare, but also understandable, to experience gratitude for a small, every day, common activity, like getting breakfast from your partner. However, can we potentially learn to take the downturns of our fortune and be okay with them too? It seems like we can, and we have to. Here are a few techniques that help you to learn how to be grateful for everything in your life.

Gaining Experience

Anything can happen to you in life. You either are on top of things or are heading for troubling times. Everything that has happened to you is priceless if you learn how to obtain proper lessons from it. Imagine that you are a toddler who explores the world and gains essential knowledge and experiences. Toddles can have a terrible time too, but that never stops them from gaining new experience.

If you understand and interpret everything that comes at you during your life as a possibility and a source of new, priceless and extremely personal developing experience - you will accept everything as a blessing. Try to understand what lesson you can potentially learn from any situation (including harmful and unpleasant ones), and that will automatically make you feel more grateful for literally any of them.

Saying the Words of Gratitude More Often

You often noticed that people who act like jerks are generally not very happy in their life, do not have too many friends and cannot accept any unforeseen circumstances in their life. Typically, coaches and psychologists advise them to stop being a fool and start with small things. For example, by saying the words of gratitude.

These words will automatically make you feel a warm and pleasant sensation. The receiver of the message will likely reciprocate. The positive emotions you receive back will help to reinforce the feeling of gratitude that you express by your words. So, do not hesitate to say: “Thanks! Please! Good morning! Etc.,” in any situation where it is appropriate.

Use Gasification

The idea of gasification has become very popular and are now integrated into many different life aspects, like work, home behaviours, social entertainment and many others. So, why not try to put them into the sphere of gratitude? If you were suffering from a lack of appreciation in your life, it would be great to stimulate it with some game activity.

For example, you can put a dollar in a jar whenever you are finding yourself grateful for something and empty it every time you are feeling very upset and stressed. Alternatively, you can add a point in your telephone notes every time you feel grateful for your life, and take away whenever you are confused, and then treat yourself as the final score at the end of the week. You can come up with anything.

Stay Away From Toxic People

Toxic people are always unsatisfied with everything that surrounds them. You will meet them anywhere. Toxic people beam with sarcasm, black jokes and different kinds of controversial statements. They are usually excellent in stand-ups or big talks, but if you would like to become a more grateful person, you have to stay away from them.

Their toxins may spread to you, and you may even like how they sound at first. You will start to feel those same emotions that they feel. They will, for example, yell so that everybody at work can hear: “Oh, how dare you to get this promotion?” In addition, everybody will smile and laugh, maybe even including you. However, at the same time, it may lead to unnecessary thoughts, like: “Am I worth this promotion?” You can only imagine what kind of ideas may provoke such persons when they discover something terrible about you. So stay away from them, to become more grateful.

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