How approachable are you?

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 23, 2020

Wonder why people don’t talk to you or why you don’t get people’s attention, the reason may be hidden in your behavior. People perceive you exactly the way you present yourself to the world, there would be only a few people who would know your inner self and they are most probably the closest ones or your family members.

Besides these few close friends, everyone else’s perception depends on your external presentation and actions. Now, If you want to know how approachable you are, keep on reading. We will let you discover some amazing facts about yourself based on common observation so that you can decide your level of availability or approachability for the world.

Monitoring yourself

You need to self evaluate once in a while to conclude how approachable you are. Your body language, your words, even just your listening to others determine your approachability.

Are you a problem solver?

There may be instances that people come to you with their problems and assume that you will always have a solution for their queries. You may not be a high-level intellectual or lag some of the basic management skills but still, people trust you with their work. If this is the case with you then congratulations! You are the approachable one and people like you as a friend.

But if you are the contrary of this, folks are always uncertain about your comeback so they don’t bother telling you their problems. You are touching the other end of the situation.

Are you a good listener?

If you are talking to someone and the other person comes with a worst-case scenario, you are not interested in the story, neither do you have any benefit to help him. What do you do in such a situation?

You could either start getting involved in another chore and withdraw from the much boring conversation where the other person understands you to be not available to hear the horror story.

Or instead of finding an escape, you manage to keep firm eye contact and nod at the right time when you guess appropriate to be empathetic. Here is when you present yourself as being concerned and approachable.

Your facial expressions

When people find you with a constant frown on your forehead, deep inside they consider you to be a person with pessimistic personality traits and try to not get involved with you in any deal as they perceive you to be the trouble inviter.

A face with a smile creates positive vibes that can present you as a good leader and makes people comfortable to talk to you. It conveys your friendliness, projects warmth and trustworthiness. Everyone wants a person in their team that brings optimism to the situation. So smile to look authoritative.

Words matters

Some people will not agree with this because they believe that actions matter more than words. No doubt actions matter more but words also matter a lot. In situations where you practically can not do anything to solve the problem, all you have is a word of advice. Your words of kindness to console somebody in trouble may help them feel a bit better mentally, and it may reduce their frustration. So the point is if you talk in a harsh way you are not an approachable person despite being a great problem solver.

All this being said, there is a huge difference between showing approachable and being approachable is reality.


Let’s say you lead a group of people in your office, but you don’t want people to be scared of your position and authority. The following good habits will help you evaluate and accept your traits of being an approachable leader.

Your response to problems should be positive, and instead of saying “I can’t”, say “I can try”. Don’t overreact and stay calm no matter how frustrating the conditions are as your response in a hurry can demotivate your colleagues.

While addressing the crowd, try to keep eye contact with each member of your group to ensure the trust and acceptance from the majority of the team members. Let your subordinates express their opinion and try to be inclined and make them feel that they matter. While focusing on your motto you can keep a light mood in the office by occasionally cracking a joke with your teams when appropriate so that people perceive you as a human being with a good sense of humor and not a robot.

Point to be noted

Remember being too much approachable is not good, but being the frog of a well is also not recommended for building a trustworthy relation with your peers.

Being the boss the decision is already in your hand but working on your body language will make you the favorite boss of your team who they find the “go-to person” in all cases.

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