How to Write SMART Business Goals

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 21, 2019

All companies no matter the industry or size must create business goals to keep improving. Goals helps steer your business in the right direction. The best goals are SMART. They help you to achieve business success and identify what’s most important.

SMART goals is an effective method used by successful business owners to consistently reach their business goals. Allows you to go from general ideas to creating an action plan to achieve real results.

SMART Goals are + Specific (clear, distinct, unambiguous) + Measurable (quantitative, significant) + Achievable (attainable, feasible) + Relevant (important, related) + Time bound (time sensitive, ending)

Smart business owners know the value of setting goals. Goals should be set for the short, intermediate and long term.

Examples of SMART Goals + Specific: My retail store will start selling women’s shoes in style A and B. + Measurable: My retail store will sell 100 men’s shirts in the next thirty days. + Achievable: My coffee shop will increase sales by 15%. + Realistic: I will contact retailers to sell my products in their stores. + Timely: I will increase revenue by 20% by December.

SMART goals allows you to know when you are successful. What can you expect if you start to apply this method to your business? Increased productivity, keep business focus on strategic objectives and meet your business targets.

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