How to Structure Your Day?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2020

Young professional man sits at work desk planning out his day.

What is life but our daily routine? Day to day rituals are a big part of our life. A proper daily routine followed devotionally makes us happier, more productive, and provides the freedom to do what we want. Most successful people structure their daily lives very carefully. They know the importance of discipline and habit. Having a proper daily schedule is necessary as it can help you to finish your daily task more early then that expected. Here are a some ways in which you can plan your day for maximum productivity:

Change your bedtime

A good morning is only possible with a good night’s sleep. Most people want to wake up early and kick-start their day, which is essential for a fully utilized day, but an early and energetic morning requires a good night’s sleep. Go to bed early. It is that simple. Putting off your phone and going to bed by 10 p.m. in the night will allow you more sleep time before you wake up even if you want to start early. A good night’s sleep is a strong base for a productive day.

Deal with emails in the morning

Catching up with emails can take up a lot of time from your productive hours. Deal with all your emails early in the day before you set out on productive work. It will prevent you from getting distracted while you work. Many successful people read and send their emails right after getting out of bed, which saves them a lot of time during productive hours.

Make a commotion list

Right after you have read your emails, and you are ready to begin your day, sit down, and prepare a commotion list. Writing out daily tasks in a commotion list is an essential trait of most creative and successful people. Prioritize important stuff. It helps to focus on crucial tasks and avoid any distractions. A commotion list helps in managing time. Performing tasks according to priority also help save time. This time can be useful for personal benefit.


After you have made your daily checklist, exercise. Not just only does it have physical benefits, but starting your day with exercise is also beneficial for the mind. It refreshes the brain, boosts energy, and helps to concentrate throughout the day. Yoga, meditation, or only a walk in the park is refreshing and helps recover from work stress. It is also crucial for creative. Meditation opens up your brain to new ideas and helps in the creative process.

Limit your screen time

Even before they are out of their beds, many people have a habit of picking up their phones first thing in the morning. It is seriously wrong. Once you have your phone, you will dive deeper and deeper into a vast ocean of non-useful stuff. Phones are essential part of our day-to-day lives, but too much of screen time wastes precious hours that could have otherwise served towards a more productive day. In addition, do not forget to stimulate your body while working with the help of coffee, tea or other such drinks, in order to increase your energy levels. Limit your screen time to valuable things like reading and reacting to emails.

Practice Journaling

Writing about the day can help assess our performance and help us improve on our quest for a more fulfilling life. Pick up a time during the day. It could be in the morning while preparing a commotion list or during the night right before bedtime. Write out about your day. Assess your shortcomings and prepare for the next day. It is a trait of highly successful people to look into their lives and make it better one day at a time.

Take a break from your work, now and then.

When you work long hours, things tend to get boring, and you lose concentration. It is mostly right about creators. When you are at work, try taking short 5-10 minute breaks every hour. It does not let your work control your thought process, and you are bound to start again with a fresh perspective. It is a characteristic trait of highly creative and successful people. Taking a break prevents boredom, and has physical benefits. On a desk job, sitting for long hours can be straining and lead to health problems. Taking little breaks is vital to straighten your back and protect your eyes.


A day well planned ahead of time can help you be more productive and get more from your life. It is also helpful in your goal for a more fulfilling life. By creating a daily schedule and following you, routine ensures that you work in more efficient manner. These tips should help you structure a proper plan for your day and eventually make your life more meaningful.

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