How To Stay Away From The Negative Impacts Of Stubbornness

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 15, 2019

Some people are too hot-headed and refuse to understand the situation or others’ perspectives. We can easily find faults in others and get irritated by their stubborn attitude. But when it comes to looking at our faults, can we identify them? We often overlook our stubbornness because we remain unaware of our shortcomings.

It is important to have one’s say, but at the same time, we must learn to cooperate and compromise at times. Valuing others’ opinions is necessary. Stubbornness can be the reason why people stop talking to you because they refuse to budge an inch. Perhaps it is time to change. Develop skills to negotiate, cooperate and be easier with others this year.

Signs of stubbornness

Check whether you exhibit these signs in your behaviour. They would give you an idea of whether you are stubborn with the people around you.

  • You try to prove your point by hook or by crook.
  • You do not try to hear the opponent’s point at all.
  • Even if you know you are wrong, you insist on winning over the argument.
  • You always want to have your way without caring for others.
  • You feel frustrated when someone tries to convince you of something.
  • You do not fulfil others’ wishes wholeheartedly if you want to do something else.

Is Being Stubborn A Negative Personality Trait?

Stubbornness is not a bad personality trait if you use it for progress and meaningful work. Any trait used for a positive outcome cannot be negative.

Positive sides of being stubborn

Stubbornness can also be seen as an admirable quality if you hold onto your ground and fight tooth and nail for a positive cause. Stubborn people are often passionate about causes and use their headstrong attributes as a leader. It is often said that Leos are born leaders for their passionate, persevering, and uncompromising qualities.

For instance, if you are protesting for justice, it is right to stubborn and uncompromising till you see the opponent agreeing. For such cases, we need people with perseverance to hold the ground and see it till the end.

Negative sides of stubbornness

However, if you are obstinate about the wrong reason, it is a negative side of your character that needs amends. It isn’t right if you refuse to understand anybody’s point and vehemently impose your own. We cannot have our way always without compromising. Fighting with people and refusing to budge a little makes you undesirable to people. Letting such unpleasant sides of your personality flourish would make you an unwanted person.

For instance, if you refuse to understand that you may have hurt your friend by your words and do not apologize, you are losing people in your life.

Strategies To Curb Stubbornness

Here are some strategies we can suggest you for curbing stubbornness:-

Calm down and try to understand

Whenever you see yourself arguing with others over a point, calm down first. Tell yourself to cool down to bring the argument to a discussion. That’s the first way to try and understand the other person. Now try to understand whatever the person has to say and weigh the positives and negatives of the points before negating them altogether.

Listen to the other side of the story

Listen to the other side of the story, as every situation has different angles and truths. There is nothing called ultimate reality, and both the people in an argument can be right. Thus, listen to the other side of the story before being headstrong about your side.

Be open to new ideas

Holding onto a few bolstered ideas will never help you succeed in life. Always be open to new thoughts, views and opinions and try to accept them. You may not like all or agree to all of them, but there is no harm in being open to them and respecting others’ views.

Admit your faults

When your heart says that you might be wrong, but your ego refuses to accept it, listen to your heart. Admit your mistakes when you feel you are making a mistake and compromise. Admitting your faults gives you several chances to make yourself a better person and improve your relationships with others.

Remind yourself that you cannot always be right

Every person makes mistakes, and it is completely normal to err. It’s important to realize your mistakes and acknowledge them. Remind yourself always that you may not be right always and others may correct you. When you learn to accept it, it makes you a graceful person.

Last Words

Sometimes, letting go of your stubbornness and your convictions introduce you to a newer world of more ideas and possibilities. It makes you a more flexible person and opens several doors and windows you otherwise lock with your obstinacy. Try making a better person out of yourself as the year comes to an end.

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