How To Know When Someone Loves You?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Young couple in love. Outside in the snow. Passionately embracing each other.

Love is an amazing feeling. It is human nature to feel loved. To identify the telltale signs when someone is in love with you, here are some of the obvious situations that you might experience around the one who has fallen in love with you!

Physical closeness

When someone is in love with you, saying I love you is not as powerful as his or her body language. Those who even do not say that they love you if they act like the one they are your true lovers. They want to spend time with you and you can feel how close they want to be with you most of the time in a day. They find situations to touch you with affection. Sometimes they brush your hair with their fingers and other times they hold you with a gentle touch. There are innumerable ways to show physical closeness in love.

It is easy for them to recall the information about the moments you have spent together

People in love have a strong memory. This is visible when they have no difficulty in fetching the information out of their mind when you talk about something that you both done in the past. They remember even the minute details of the places, dates and days when you both were together or share a memory. They are very much attentive, active and consciously absorb the perceptions of the duration when they are with you. This is one of the evidence they love you.

It is irresistible for them to hold back news from you in any situation

Yes, it is correct that some people naturally possess the qualities that are similar to people’s behavior in love but they still do not behave intensely as much as the people do who are in love with you. They impulsively make efforts to share every good or bad news with you first. They want to describe the details of what happened to them on a particular day and how they spend their time without you. They express and share their lives with you completely. You can see how eager they are to communicate with you all those things that you asked about or want to know about them.

They are good at understanding your emotions

Love makes people connected on an emotional level. Compassion and empathy are always non-verbal. They sense the periods when you are in low mood and when you want to cry when you are disappointed and when you try to hide something from them. They give you a lot of opportunities and space to talk with them. Those who fall in love with someone can actively listen to them all day and all night long without a pause.

You always feel comfortable around them

Love arouses people, the functioning of a human being’s body and mind are both running because of the potential feeling of love. Still, meeting someone who loves you is always a pleasant experience. They are always ready to take care of your comfort. They do not do anything that shakes your stability. They are concerned about your peace and relaxation. Their ability to satisfy you is one of the attractions that draw you to them.

They respect and care about your space and views

Even if they do not like to play sports and they do not think it is a good way to spend money in charity, they will keep moving with your thoughts, ideas and activities while supporting you in whatever you like to do. When someone loves you, they agree with you politely but they also provide a general idea about the same thing based on their preference. They try their best to give you respect by not negating your views and preferences. In love, people become flexible, flawless and smooth in dealing with loved ones.

They always have time for you

They have time for you no matter what they do. They manage to attend your calls when you want to talk. They are fast in replying to your conversations on text messages and they adjust their meetings and appointments when you ask them to see you. They act very smartly in managing all their duties and responsibilities when they want to help you and engage themselves with you just because they love you and want to build their relationship with you at a deeper level. They stay true, honest and unbiased when they give you advice; their behavior makes them charming to you.

Final Thoughts

Living around those who love us is all we need. Their actions, gestures and body language play a great role in communicating their love for us. Such people serve as our energy boosters. Use this interesting information to find and stay close to your lovers.

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