How Resourcefulness Helps Individuals Succeed

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 1, 2019

Resourcefulness is the ability of using resources in your environment at your full capacity. A resourceful individual will not break under pressure, no matter the circumstance and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. It is noted that creative and successful individuals like Sam Walton, Temple Gardin and Walt Disney were resourceful personalities. They found inventive solutions and optimized assets in their environment. Most importantly they worked hard and smart.

Executive functions in your brain help you be resourceful

Experts say people are not born with resourcefulness. Luckily this is a skill that you can develop with time. The key is to improve your executive functioning skills. Your brain is a muscle; different mental and emotional exercises can help improve your executive function skills. Let us look inside your brain first. It compromises of three components that help executive functions: working memory, self regulation and cognitive flexibility. All three components help us process and remember vital information, while avoiding distractions. Not breaking under immense stress is a part of self regulation. This is exactly why emotional intelligence is now taught to children and adults alike. High emotional intelligence is considered as a great asset in today’s employees. Lastly, cognitive flexibility is the ability to change your mental gear and think in different directions at the same time.

Playing different memory games, Sudoku, Chess and building jigsaw puzzles helps your working memory become stronger. It also improves your concentration. To work on self-regulation, mindfulness activities like yoga and simple breathing exercises will release stress and anxiety. It will help you become self aware. Trying new hobbies and daily exercise is known to increase cognitive flexibility. You can also try learning a new language, a skill that will look great on your CV. Start slowly incorporating these activities in your life and you will see a major improvement in yourself. Slow and steady has always won the race.

Breaking down the traits that leads to Resourcefulness

There are many traits that help you become resourceful in life. Here are the following:


Thinking out of the box during difficult time leads to answers to one’s problems. A resourceful individual will not only think of one way of solving a problem but multiple ways. Then he will choose the most efficient solution to his problem.


“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” is a famous expression It means not to give up, no matter the circumstance. Individuals who give up easily are not able to succeed in life. Failure teaches us important lessons in life which becomes the stepping stone to success. A resourceful person is never afraid of failure.


Self doubt can lead to anxiety and stress. Therefore even a talented individual can mess up in a task when he or she is doubting one’s self. Confidence in one’s ability is the key to rise above your situation.

Be proactive

We live in a highly competitive world that keeps changing every minute. Being proactive with one’s ideas leads to action and innovation. Successful business keep innovating their products because they know ‘change’ is the key to keep consumers hooked to their products.

To sum it up, resourcefulness is multidimensional. All the traits mentioned above help individuals achieve resourcefulness.

How to Be Resourceful?

The easiest way to be resourceful in life is to read about successful individuals that worked innovatively in their life with limited resources. When Walt Disney was producing a full animation “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” for the first time, people in the film industry predicted it would bankrupt him. When the film got released, it was an instant hit. Critically analyzing such powerful personalities who spread their wings to the horizons help change our mindset for the better.

Also, applying visual thinking like mind-mapping in your life will enhance your problem solving skills. In today’s era of technology, there are some great tools easily available. It will help you become more productive in every aspect your life. Networking with different people will furthermore open gate to new opportunities.

Summing it up

Resourcefulness is helping individuals survive during tough time like the current pandemic. A lot of businesses have survived today’s crisis because they were able to perform efficiently with less. Thus, resourcefulness is considered a very important characteristic in an individual and business alike. Daily stressors can block creativity and mental abilities. Therefore remember to daily do mindfulness activities that help you stay calm. Try to achieve your work goals with what you have instead of investing in new resources. Tony Robbins, an American motivational speaker has rightly said, ‘It’s is not lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you’.

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