Holistic development in Children

Darryl Bachmeier
Aug 23, 2019

Every child is different and requires a different development approach. Similarly, every parent adopts different treatment with every child. The overall mental, physical and emotional development of a child comes under the heading of holistic development. Parents being the primary educators, strive to focus the holistic learning in the initial phase of childhood.

Holistic Development among children; how to go about it?

All those educators and parents who have had an idea about the holistic approach find it easier to exercise the concept in the child’s education. Here holistic approach balance between child’s environment, his home and growth pattern.

Main areas which require development are:

Social growth

It states how a child talks, interacts and communicates in his social circle and the outside world

Intellectual growth

It involves creativity (out of the box thinking), cognition and acquiring skills essential for learning

Personal and physical development

It is about oneself, i.e., all about the personal aspect of a child, personal growth and learning capabilities

Emotional understanding

It includes capabilities to deal with adversaries and difficult situations

Environment Values

It tends to show a child’s affection and care towards the outside world It is pertinent to mention that the first three years are very crucial for the overall growth and development of any child. If the holistic program is properly designed, it can lead to the happy, integrated and healthy life of a child.

Designing the Holistic Development Plan for a Child

Some ways can help parents devise a holistic model for their children development.

Plan for Social development

Interact, interact and interact. Parent need to indulge children in social activities by engaging them with other children (apart from family) and adults. They not only get a chance in moving out of their comfort zone but also get a chance to share, toys, meals, stories and empathize with others. Also, they get a chance to develop a sense of making friends and interacting with people outside their clan and social circle.

Plan for Intellectual growth

In the early years, a child needs to play more. This enables them to develop cognitive skills because they are exposed to different activities. Kids are normally seen playing at home when free and make judgements about different activities. Sometimes they are also seen to imitate and learn through role-plays. When they participate more, it fosters mental growth and they learn fast. Apart from this, reading also encourages a child to concentrate and learn vocabulary. Children also develop an interest in different stories, improves reading and their creativity is enhanced.

Plan for Personal and Physical development

Parents need to set a physical milestone for children to achieve. The development of motor skills is different for different age groups and similarly, their requirement is also different. Normally, the development of motor skills starts with a child holding pencil and playing with sand. Also, playdough is yet another activity which is being used in many educational institutions as well for better development of both physical personal health. Besides this a child jumping, sitting, running, climbing means he is exploring and engaged in the development of motor skills.

Plan for Emotional Understanding

It means to empathise and putting yourself in the shoe of other children. Parents first need to understand the emotional requirements of their children. This starts at home. Emotions vary from a child to a child. Some children tend to be extra emotional and need a cushion to cry on, while others tend to show strong emotional balance. Parents need to share stories, sometimes real-time experiences having moral at the end.

Plan for Environmental Values

Child needs to know the environment he lives in. When moving out of their comfort zone, he needs to be aware of the outside world. The development of the outside world starts at home when they learn to move into the outside world and interact with outside people. Normally, school is the first outside world every child experiences. Thus, parents need to engage and interact with their child with the outside world so they could adapt easily.

Holistic development doesn’t happen in Isolation

Indeed, the overall holistic development doesn’t take place in isolation, rather it is an amalgamation of many activities, including many individuals. For Instance, a picnic is not just an outdoor recreation plan which parents make. It is a full package, which involves the development of physical activities, cognitive development, social interaction, environment knowhow and emotional understanding. The just one trip can help a child explore, learn, interact, socialize, communicate, adapt and learn.

Streamline the Holistic development among Children

The parents need to give time, liberty and build confidence in their child. There are indeed some limitations to this aspect as well because not all activities lead to holistic development. In nutshell, parents first need to study the learning requirements and capabilities of their children and then develop a complete set of activities and plan to keep in view the above-shared areas. This way the objective of achieving the desired result will be possible while attaining overall holistic development.

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